Deborah Davies

Deborah Davies
b: ABT 1793
d: AFT Mar 1881
  • ABT 1793 - Birth - ; Trefilan, Cardiganshire
  • AFT Mar 1881 - Death -
Charles Davies
UNKNOWN - 20 Oct 1817
Deborah Davies
ABT 1793 - AFT Mar 1881
John Price
ABT 1720 - ABT 30 Jun 1756
Elizabeth Price
ABT 1753 - 2 Nov 1833
Deborah Rand
ABT Feb 1722 - ABT 13 Oct 1765
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Davies
Death20 Oct 1817 Talsarn
MarriageABT 1772to Elizabeth Price
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Price
BirthABT 1753
Death2 Nov 1833
MarriageABT 1772to Charles Davies
FatherJohn Price
MotherDeborah Rand
FAnne Davies
BirthABT 1775
MarriageABT Dec 1794to William Rowland
MCharles Davies
BirthABT 1795
Marriage7 Feb 1820to Ann Evans at Trefilan, Cardiganshire
FDeborah Davies
BirthABT 1793Trefilan, Cardiganshire
DeathAFT Mar 1881
MarriageABT Aug 1821to Evan Morgan
FElizabeth Davies
DeathABT 1808
MarriageABT 1802to Evan Thomas Davies
MGriffith Davies
BirthABT Jun 1773
DeathABT 1811
MarriageABT 1805to Mary Thomas
MHerbert Davies
BirthABT 1795
DeathBEF Apr 1861
Marriage3 May 1831to Mary Ann Clear at St Pancras Church, London
MJohn Davies Capt
BirthABT 1778Outside Carmarthenshire
Death17 Oct 1852Myrtle Hill, Llangunnor, Carmarthenshire
Marriage11 Aug 1831to Anna Maria Harding at St George, Hanover Square, London
MarriageBEF 1826to Unknown Unknown
MTheophilus Davies
BirthABT 1785
MarriageABT 1819to Martha Lewis
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Evan Morgan
BirthABT 1801Llanddewi Aberath, Cardiganshire
DeathBET APR 1851 AND APR 1861 Unknown
MarriageABT Aug 1821to Deborah Davies
PARENT (F) Deborah Davies
BirthABT 1793Trefilan, Cardiganshire
DeathAFT Mar 1881
MarriageABT Aug 1821to Evan Morgan
FatherCharles Davies
MotherElizabeth Price
MCharles Davies Morgan
BirthABT 1831Trefilan, Cardiganshire
FElizabeth Morgan
Birth17 Aug 1821
MJohn Morgan
BirthABT 1823
FMargaret Morgan
BirthABT 1827Talsarn, Cardiganshire
Marriage30 Mar 1858to Thomas James at Newport, Monmouthshire (Reg District)
FMary Morgan
BirthABT 1829Trefilan, Cardiganshire
MTimothy Banks Morgan
BirthABT 1833Cardiganshire
DeathABT Jun 1850Tregaron (Reg District)
Descendancy Chart
Deborah Davies b: ABT 1793 d: AFT Mar 1881
Evan Morgan b: ABT 1801 d: BET APR 1851 AND APR 1861
Charles Davies Morgan b: ABT 1831 d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Morgan b: 17 Aug 1821 d: UNKNOWN
John Morgan b: ABT 1823 d: UNKNOWN
Margaret Morgan b: ABT 1827 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas James b: ABT 1837 d: UNKNOWN
William John James b: 18 Jun 1861 d: UNKNOWN
Margaret Merriman b: ABT 1861 d: UNKNOWN
Ethel Margaret Elizabeth James b: 15 Nov 1893 d: UNKNOWN
Walter Henry Dymond b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Gladys Victoria James b: 22 Jun 1897 d: UNKNOWN
Harold William James b: 4 Jan 1890 d: UNKNOWN
Florence Kenefick b: ABT 1891 d: UNKNOWN
Herbert Banks James b: 15 Aug 1888 d: BET APR AND JUN 1963
Agnes Brown b: 27 May 1890 d: BET JAN AND MAR 1940
Lillian Florence James b: 16 Mar 1923 d: ABT 2008
Edward Horne b: UNKNOWN d: ABT 1988
Jacqueline Horne b: ABT 1946 d: ABT 1994
Stanley Herbert James b: 16 May 1921 d: ABT Jul 1991
Ethel Gertrude Berry b: ABT 1925 d: ABT 1992
William Banks James b: 18 Nov 1915 d: ABT Jan 2004
Reginald Thomas James b: 29 Aug 1900 d: UNKNOWN
Minnie Hopkins b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Violet Alberta James b: 22 Jun 1904 d: UNKNOWN
Alexander Roddick b: ABT 1898 d: UNKNOWN
Stanley Alexander Banks Roddick b: 31 Jul 1928 d: Oct 1989
Mary Morgan b: ABT 1829 d: UNKNOWN
Timothy Banks Morgan b: ABT 1833 d: ABT Jun 1850
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