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The material in this section of the John Bankes Website is concerned with four male members of the Hunt family – a Lawyer, a Baptist Minister, a Doctor and an Artist – and two female members of the same family. They were Bankes descendants on the line coming down from Mary (Rand) Mitchell, a half-sister of John Bankes.

The following information is the briefest possible guide to the material to be found on these pages, and I hope you will take the opportunity to explore them at length. Maybe something you find here will provide a springboard for your future research!

The earliest Hunt ancestor that I know of was Thomas Hunt, the Lawyer . When he was buried he was recorded as living in Woodford, Essex. He married Mary Jacobson, the daughter of a London Broker, in the City of London in 1758.

The records I have seen suggest that Thomas and Mary’s marriage produced nine children, but as you will see from the family tree, we have only traced five of these. My direct ancestor was Ann Hunt, who married John Stephens in 1791, and about whom I know little. However, with the help of my fellow researchers, I have learned much about one of her brothers – Rev Thomas Hunt – who was a Baptist minister in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. You will be able to see some of this material by clicking the Thomas Hunt Baptist link.

Rev Thomas Hunt married a lady from St Albans named Maria Edwards, and among their children was another Thomas Hunt. This man was a nineteenth century London doctor of some eminence, and you can read about him and his family by following the Thomas Hunt Doctor link.

One of the children of Dr Thomas Hunt and his first wife – Martha Mary Colam – was the Artist Arthur Ackland Hunt. Some of the information we have collected about them can be seen by clicking the Arthur A Hunt Artist link.

Ann Hunt was a daughter of the Lawyer referred to above, and she was also my direct ancestor. You can read about her brief life by following the Ann Hunt m John Stephens link.

The latest addition to this section is the page about Mary Ann Stephens, a daughter of Ann Hunt and John Stephens, and her spouse – Nathan Archer, a London printer. Follow the Mary Ann Stephens m Nathan Archer link to see this.

If you would like to see an abbreviated family tree for this family you can do so by clicking here.

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