Mitchell & Jacobson

The Mitchells were my direct ancestors, and as such are of particular interest to me. I hope that you may find something here that engages your interest, and that as a result you will feel moved to contact me.

If you would like to see an abbreviated 3 generations family tree for this family you can do so by clicking here.

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From various sources we know that Mary Rand, half-sister of John Bankes, married a certain Robert Mitchell, Feltmaker, of London, late in the seventeenth century. Click on Robt Mitchell Feltmaker to see a summary of the fruits of our research re this couple.

As far as we know, Robert Mitchell and Mary Rand produced two children – a son and daughter. My direct ancestor was Robert and Mary’s daughter – another Mary – who married a certain James Jacobson. To look at our material regarding this couple, please click on the James Jacobson button.

Over the years we have spent some time researching the Jacobson family, and in doing so have uncovered what we think is some quite fascinating information about the siblings of James Jacobson, and their children. You can read about these people by clicking on the James Jacobson Siblings button.

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