Charles Davies

Charles Davies
b: ABT 1795
  • ABT 1795 - Birth -
  • UNKNOWN - Death -
Charles Davies
UNKNOWN - 20 Oct 1817
Charles Davies
John Price
ABT 1720 - ABT 30 Jun 1756
Elizabeth Price
ABT 1753 - 2 Nov 1833
Deborah Rand
ABT Feb 1722 - ABT 13 Oct 1765
Descendancy Chart
Charles Davies b: ABT 1795 d: UNKNOWN
Ann Evans b: BEF 1799 d: UNKNOWN
Charles Davies Esqr. Esqr. b: ABT 1825 d: 9 Oct 1870
Mary Ann Rees b: 22 Sep 1819 d: 31 Aug 1897
Bankes Davies b: 25 May 1862 d: BET JUL AND SEP 1929
Charles Bankes Davies b: 16 Dec 1859 d: 12 Jan 1925
Elizabeth Bankes Davies b: 21 Dec 1853 d: AFT 1922
Thomas Walter Jones b: ABT 1855 d: BET OCT AND DEC 1909
Marjory Winifred Bankes Jones b: 7 Jul 1881 d: BET JAN AND MAR 1948
Ralph Middleton Bankes Jones b: 4 Nov 1883 d: 18 Nov 1951
Edith Alicia Siepmann b: 12 Mar 1891 d: 13 May 1973
William Michael Bankes Jones b: 27 Nov 1925 d: ABT Dec 2006
Emily Bankes Davies b: 20 Feb 1858 d: BET OCT AND DEC 1927
George Pearson Tanner Chave b: BET OCT AND DEC 1861 d: 25 Nov 1896
Penrhyn George Edward Chaves b: ABT Aug 1890 d: BET APR AND JUN 1961
Eugenie Mary Davies b: 26 Apr 1856 d: UNKNOWN
Harrold Essex Reynell b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Maria Banks Davies b: 21 Dec 1853 d: BET JUL AND SEP 1920
James Picton Baillie b: ABT 1863 d: BET JUL AND SEP 1942
Aileen Elizabeth Baillie b: 23 Oct 1894 d: BET OCT AND DEC 1974
Cecil Viola Maria Baillie b: 17 Jun 1890 d: BET JUL AND SEP 1963
Edward Herbert Davies b: ABT Sep 1820 d: ABT 1837
John Davies b: 11 Sep 1821 d: UNKNOWN
Mary Ann Davies b: ABT 1823 d: UNKNOWN
William Sleigh b: ABT 1828 d: UNKNOWN
Amy Banks Sleigh b: 13 Feb 1862 d: UNKNOWN
Albert George Skipper Ross b: ABT 1865 d: UNKNOWN
Lester Cecil Sleigh Skipper Ross b: 29 Jan 1901 d: UNKNOWN
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Davies
Death20 Oct 1817 Talsarn
MarriageABT 1772to Elizabeth Price
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Price
BirthABT 1753
Death2 Nov 1833
MarriageABT 1772to Charles Davies
FatherJohn Price
MotherDeborah Rand
FAnne Davies
BirthABT 1775
MarriageABT Dec 1794to William Rowland
MCharles Davies
BirthABT 1795
Marriage7 Feb 1820to Ann Evans at Trefilan, Cardiganshire
FDeborah Davies
BirthABT 1793Trefilan, Cardiganshire
DeathAFT Mar 1881
MarriageABT Aug 1821to Evan Morgan
FElizabeth Davies
DeathABT 1808
MarriageABT 1802to Evan Thomas Davies
MGriffith Davies
BirthABT Jun 1773
DeathABT 1811
MarriageABT 1805to Mary Thomas
MHerbert Davies
BirthABT 1795
DeathBEF Apr 1861
Marriage3 May 1831to Mary Ann Clear at St Pancras Church, London
MJohn Davies Capt Capt
BirthABT 1778Outside Carmarthenshire
Death17 Oct 1852Myrtle Hill, Llangunnor, Carmarthenshire
Marriage11 Aug 1831to Anna Maria Harding at St George, Hanover Square, London
MarriageBEF 1826to Unknown Unknown
MTheophilus Davies
BirthABT 1785
MarriageABT 1819to Martha Lewis
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Charles Davies
BirthABT 1795
Marriage7 Feb 1820to Ann Evans at Trefilan, Cardiganshire
FatherCharles Davies
MotherElizabeth Price
PARENT (F) Ann Evans
BirthBEF 1799
Marriage7 Feb 1820to Charles Davies at Trefilan, Cardiganshire
MCharles Davies Esqr. Esqr.
BirthABT 1825Denbeigh, Llangollen
Death9 Oct 1870Llwy ndu House, Llangain, Carmarthenshire
Marriage1 Mar 1853to Mary Ann Rees at Llangain, Carmarthenshire
MEdward Herbert Davies
BirthABT Sep 1820
DeathABT 1837
MJohn Davies
Birth11 Sep 1821
FMary Ann Davies
BirthABT 1823Llangollen, Denbighshire
Marriage19 May 1861to William Sleigh
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