Geoffs Genealogy Update 31 January 2011

Tuesday February 1st, 2011 | Geoff

I’ve done very little research in January. I’ve been pretty well occupied preparing the next issue of the Shropshire Family History Society Journal, and what other time has been available I’ve spent updating files for the Geoff’s Genealogy website.

My work on Thomas Hunt Doctor page of the website has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. This is because I got some of the files mixed up and ended up inadvertently creating duplicates, which thoroughly confused me and the software! I therefore had to enlist the services of my resident genius, who sorted out the problem in a trice but, alas, I then had to re-do a lot of the work, which was rather frustrating. Anyway, I’ve now almost completed my work on this page, and will be able to upload it any time now. Maybe today.

The changes I’ve made to this page are as follows:

a. I’ve added quite a bit of information about the children of Thomas & his first spouse, Martha Mary (Colam) Hunt.
b. I’ve added information about Thomas Hunt’s professional career, namely about his involvement in the Dispensary for Diseases of the Skin.
c. I’ve added to the References page, both to the references and to the Bibliography.

Further changes already uploaded during January are as follows:

Thomas Hunt Lawyer
Minor tweaks to the text. No major change.

Thomas Hunt Baptist Minister

a. Extra detail added to the existing text
b. Information added re Maria (Edwards) Hunt’s property in Bedfordshire and her connection to the Munn family.
c. Page updated to include information concerning the family of George Box Drayton and his wife, Martha (Hunt) Drayton, and their children
d. Image added, showing the grave of George Box Drayton at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.

I had intended to continue updating Geoff’s Genealogy further, but now think I shall have to put this work on hold, as I have a number of other items to attend to. I shall return to it as soon as and when I can.

Although I haven’t been doing any more research during January I have high hopes of a more productive month in February. Additionally, I am anticipating a trip to Lancashire before too long, to carry out some more Culshaw research. I am also intending to go to The National Archives at Kew in May, to do some more work on the Bankes Pedigree.

I am still trying to contact as many people as possible, to invite them to our John Bankes’ Descendants Reunion on 18 June. We want to get as many people there as possible, to make it a really great day, so if you are a descendant of one of the siblings of John Bankes, Citizen & Haberdasher of London (abt 1652-1719) please do visit the relevant page on Geoff’s Genealogy book your place.

This is a fairly short blog entry this month, as I have no new research news to report. I’ll try to do better next month!

2 responses to “Geoffs Genealogy Update 31 January 2011”

  1. Jean-Claude Massey says:

    Hi Geoff i am currently writing a chapter in a book on one of your ancestors (Dr Thomas Hunt) and their contribution to the world of medicine. I would very much like to use the picture provided and whether it is in the public domain or whether it is copyrighted and if so can I have your permission to use the image. Alternatively as you have commented that Richard Bradley helped you in gathering these images whether you could put me in contact with him if it is not within your limits to do this.
    Many thanks

    • Geoff says:

      Hi Jean-Claude
      Re our exchange of messages over the past couple of weeks, thankyou very much for sending me a copy of your paper on Dr Thomas Hunt, which I found very interesting. I’m delighted to have been able to help you in your project, and will be in touch again re your latest email, hopefully in the next few days.

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