Geoffs Genealogy Update 23 February 2009

Monday February 23rd, 2009 | Geoff

I’m pleased to say that the latest set of updates to the Geoffs Genealogy website have now been uploaded. The following is a summary of the changes:

I have carried out a pretty comprehensive review of the site, tweaking the content on most of the pages, and in some cases added extra images.

There are three new pages:

  1. A Haberdashers’ Hall page which is accessed via the Bankes menu. This includes a short account of our visit to Haberdashers’ Hall in September 2008, and a selection of photographs taken on that occasion.
  2. A Siblings of James Jacobson Broker page, which is accessed via the Mitchell & Jacobson menu. This contains information about the brothers & sisters of my direct ancestor, James Jacobson (c1692-1759) . These people were not Bankes descendants, but are of great interest to me.
  3. I have added a page entitled Mary Ann Stephens m Nathan Archer, which can be accessed via the Hunt & Stephens menu. This lays out what we know about this couple, who feature among my direct ancestors.

In addition to the new pages I have made very substantial changes to the following pages:

  1. Thomas Hunt Lawyer. Visitors to this page will now find information about a most fascinating source that came to our attention during 2008, and which I have mentioned previously on this blog – Truth Faileth (its abbreviated title) is a pretty unique document, telling us much about the career of Thomas Hunt the lawyer, and his society.
  2. Thomas Hunt Doctor. Thanks to the generosity of Richard Bradley I have been able to include photographs of many of the children of Thomas and Martha Mary Colam, and have also taken the opportunity to write a short account of the lives of each of these children.
  3. On the Arthur Ackland Hunt, Artist page I have added some information about the children of Arthur and his wife – Emma Sarah Blagg.
  4. The Articles section has an extra article linked to it – my Shropshire Review.
  5. I have added a number of links to the Links page.
  6. The information in the Tree has been updated to date. Hopefully I have included all the material that has come into my possession since the last update. If you are able to add to the tree please do drop me an email. There are a number of links on the website to enable you to contact me.
  7. As I write we have some more work in hand, extending the Robert Hanham Collyer Chronology, and we hope to be able to upload the updated Chronology to the website before too long. However, we have been able to include a lovely lithograph of Robert Hanham Collyer on the Chronology page, which can be accessed via the Collyer menu. I’m sure you will agree that it is a superb addition to the website.

I think that’s about all I can usefully tell you about these updates for now. I hope that you all enjoy using the website, and look forward to hearing from some of you.

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