Geoff’s Genealogy Update 30 December 2007

Sunday December 30th, 2007 | Geoff

Another Christmas has come and gone. All that planning and it’s over in a trice! I hope you had a good time, and will enjoy a happy new year.

2007 has been a good year for Geoffs Genealogy. Lots of new contacts made and new information discovered. My sincere thanks to everybody who has played a part in the successes of this year; I’m sure there will be more in 2008.

I’ve started preparing material to update So far I’ve re-vamped the Arthur Ackland Hunt page to take account of material received since it was set up, two years ago. I’ve also updated the page on Thomas Hunt, Doctor, although in that case there is not as much new material to take account of. I have decided that I shall upload all the new and updated pages together, so there is nothing new to see at the moment. Progress will be delayed over the coming weeks as I have to work on the next edition of the Shropshire FHS journal, but I’ll get the job done as soon as I can.

Whilst I’ve been reviewing the new material re Arthur Ackland Hunt I reprised the marriage of his daughter – Amy Winifred Hunt – to Rev William Starkie Shuttleworth. This marriage took place in 1911 at Salisbury Cathedral. Although Amy’s groom was not a Bankes descendant in the strict sense, I think it good to have a look at his background and thus get a feel for the social circles in which the Hunts moved. As William was a clergyman in the Church of England I was able to learn quite a lot about him by consulting an appropriate issue of Crockford’s Clerical Directory. This told me of his graduation from Cambridge University as an MA, his entry into the ministry, and his various postings. Furthermore, as he graduated from Cambridge I was able to look him up in another invaluable volume – Alumni Cantabrigienses compiled by JA Venn, Cambridge (1953). This repeated much of the material found in Crockford, but added information re William’s parentage, his marriage to Amy, their address in Salisbury, and the date of his death.

Using the information I had gained from Crockford, I was able to trace William Starkie Shuttleworth on some censuses. I also traced his first marriage and the death of his first wife, which occurred in 1904.

Finally, I found an entry on a Rootsweb mailing list at which was posted in 2000 by a certain Murray Shuttleworth. This includes a list of Shuttleworths who were descended from Henry de Shuttleworth (born about 1300 at Shuttleworth Hall, Hapton, Lancashire). You will not be surprised to learn that the list includes our man – William Starkie Shuttleworth, born 1839.

Of course, I would want to research Murray Shuttleworth’s information before assuming that it is correct, but it does seem quite possible that Amy Hunt’s spouse was a member of a very notable family.

You never know where this treeing lark will take you, do you?

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