Geoffs Genealogy Update 8 October 2007

Monday October 8th, 2007 | Geoff

Time for another post.

I’m glad to say that my treeing activities are as busy as ever – busier maybe! The problem is how to keep up with it all!

In the past couple of weeks I’ve done some more work on the Culshaw material that I mentioned in my last entry. You will be able to see the additional content when I next update my website I’m hoping that I shall be able to do this just after the new year, but am struggling to get all the material ready in time.

I’ve had some more information from Brenda on the Archer line, and am working my way through that at present. I find this line very interesting – many of the Archers were watchmakers, and I am having great fun trying to trace them on censuses. I think I’ve added one or two extra names to the tree, and I’ve certainly learned a lot about the family.

Brenda has also sent me some lovely photos, which I am delighted to receive. It is always wonderful to see a photo of somebody whose name appears in our records. It brings history to life!

I have had a look at the online index to Abney Park Cemetery, and am pretty confident that I’ve identified the burials of some of the Archers there. Another lead to investigate.

I think it may be possible to add to our knowledge of the Archers by looking in the Clockmaker Company records at Guildhall Library, London, or London Metropolitan Archives, and I hope that I may be able to have ago at this in the next few weeks. Livery company records have proved very useful to me in the past. Apprenticeship records can tell us the identity of the father of an individual, and his (or her) age at a given date. Additionally, if the person we are researching played a part in the activities of a livery company he or she may well feature quite often in the company records. For instance, this was true of John Bankes, who served on the Court of Assistants of the Haberdashers’ Company.

My cousin Pat in Wales has done some research into the Devon Guyatts, and may well have found the answer to an outstanding conundrum, so I’m very grateful to her. She has also responded to my question in my last blog entry, and sent me some information relating to the Simpsons of Carmarthenshire, which is great. Thanks very much Pat, if you are reading this.

In a couple of weeks time I am hoping to make my first ever visit to the new Haberdashers’ Hall in London, along with Jan and Helen. We are really looking forward to this trip, so hope that there are no last minute snags to prevent us going. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Finally, I would just like to express my disgust at the impending closure of the Family Records Centre in London. This is going to make life much harder for most people travelling to London to carry out their research. The extra journey out of London to Kew will reduce the amount of time people have in which to do their research, and also add to their costs. Not only that, but we shall lose the ONS facility for ordering certificates in person. Unfortunately family historians are not a powerful lobby group, so have no influence on this particular Government cutback, but we do have our votes, to use when the opportunity arises!

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