Geoffs Genealogy Update 16 April 2007

Monday April 16th, 2007 | Geoff

Hello there!

The last week has been a quiet one, as far as my research into the Bankes Pedigree is concerned. I have really been quite preoccupied with work on the June 2007 edition of the Shropshire Family History Society, so have not had time for much else. On top of this I have been enjoying my garden in the superb British Spring weather, visited Attingham – a splendid house just outside Shrewsbury which is owned and maintained by the National Trust – and on Friday last we went to Birmingham to see the Welsh National Opera perform Bizet’s Carmen.

I think it fair to say that in general the average Brit does not care for opera – too “highbrow”. I was the same until, in my early thirties, I studied Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro as part of a degree course. I approached it with some trepidation, but my eyes were opened to this most wonderful work of art, and I became aware of what I had missed up to that point in my life! Since then I have been hooked on opera. I don’t understand the finer points of music, but I like to think that I do appreciate magnificent art when I see or hear it, and to see world class artists perform such wonderful material in a top class setting is surely one of the greatest treats available to man!

If you haven’t realised the wonders of opera I suggest you try it as soon as you can. Approach it with an open mind, and see what happens!

Rant over. See you next week.

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