Geoffs Genealogy Update 02 April 2007

Monday April 2nd, 2007 | Geoff

So a new month begins. Here in the UK Spring has well and truly sprung. My grass has been attacked twice by my lawnmower so far this season, and the Spring bulbs have been magnificent.

I have had some problems with my email over the past few days. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say that we are now up and running again.

Once again, I’ve spent my spare time this week updating family history records and doing a bit of research. The main finding this week concerns Ophelia Eliza Florence Worthey/Kerr/Smith – I told you about her two or three weeks ago. She was my mother’s aunt, and I was trying to trace the key events in her life. Because her family did not always use her first forename when recording events I needed to prove that I had traced the correct records in compiling her history.

I have just received her birth certificate, which I traced during my visit two weeks ago to the Family Records centre in London. She was definitely named Ophelia by her parents when she was born in 1865, although on census entries her parents dropped her first name and called her Eliza. Maybe they decided Ophelia wasn’t such a good idea after all! She was probably known as Eliza in family circles, and that is there was no mention of Ophelia when she married William Henry Kerr in 1882. I’m confident that both these records relate to “our” Ophelia, though. I think her father’s name on both records is a reasonable indication of that.

I shall add these events to my records.

Must go now – I have to go to work and earn a crust!

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