Walter George Rook

Walter George Rook
b: 2 Oct 1903
  • 2 Oct 1903 - Birth - ; Hoxton, Shoreditch
  • BET JAN AND MAR 1981 - Death - ; Waltham Forest (Reg District)
Robert Rook
BET JAN AND MAR 1850 - AFT Mar 1901
Walter Sidney Rook
ABT 1882 - 27 Mar 1918
Elizabeth Payne
ABT 1850 - AFT Mar 1901
Walter George Rook
2 Oct 1903 - BET JAN AND MAR 1981
James William Smith
3 May 1853 - ABT 1908
Phoebe Emily Charlotte Smith
15 Apr 1883 - 1 Feb 1971
Hannah Elizabeth Guyatt
13 Jan 1857 - 24 Apr 1903
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Walter Sidney Rook
BirthABT 1882Clapton, London
Death27 Mar 1918 KIA, Somme, France
Marriage16 Aug 1903to Phoebe Emily Charlotte Smith at Holy Trinity Church, Hoxton
FatherRobert Rook
MotherElizabeth Payne
PARENT (F) Phoebe Emily Charlotte Smith
Birth15 Apr 1883Hoxton, Shoreditch, London
Death1 Feb 1971 Harold Wood Hospital, Essex
Marriage16 Aug 1903to Walter Sidney Rook at Holy Trinity Church, Hoxton
Marriage23 May 1920to Charles Adcock at St Saviour, Hoxton, London
FatherJames William Smith
MotherHannah Elizabeth Guyatt
MAlbert Arthur Rook
Birth28 Nov 1905Hoxton, Shoreditch
DeathBET JUL AND SEP 1916Shoreditch (Reg District)
MCharles William Rook
Birth27 Aug 1916Shoreditch, London (Reg District)
DeathOct 1992Islington (Reg District)
Marriage31 Jul 1938to Violet Winifred Jobson at Shoreditch (Reg District)
FCharlotte Emily Rose Rook
Birth4 Mar 1911East Finsbury, London
DeathJan 1996Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Reg District)
Marriage12 Jul 1931to Henry William Collins at Shoreditch (Reg District)
FEliza Elizabeth Rook
Birth26 Jul 1914Holborn, London (Reg District)
Death5 Mar 1982Weston Super Mare, Avon (Reg District)
Marriage5 Sep 1937to Edward Henry Filby at Hoxton, Middlesex
MFrederick Charles Rook
Birth6 Dec 1908East Finsbury, London
DeathBET JUL AND SEP 1974St Pancras, London (Reg District)
MWalter George Rook
Birth2 Oct 1903Hoxton, Shoreditch
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1981Waltham Forest (Reg District)
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