Thomas Osborne

Thomas Osborne
b: 27 Feb 1818
d: ABT 1866
  • 27 Feb 1818 - Birth - ; City, Middlesex
  • ABT 1866 - Death -
Thomas Osborne
ABT 1758 - Nov 1801
Thomas Osborne
15 Dec 1791 - BEF 19 May 1856
Mary Hunt
ABT 1764 - AFT 1821
Thomas Osborne
27 Feb 1818 - ABT 1866
Elizabeth England
1792 - 26 Apr 1866
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Osborne
Birth15 Dec 1791O Allhallows on the Wall, London
DeathBEF 19 May 1856
Marriage29 May 1817to Elizabeth England at Old Church, St.Pancras, London
FatherThomas Osborne
MotherMary Hunt
PARENT (F) Elizabeth England
Birth1792St Pancras, Middlesex
Death26 Apr 1866 40 Thurloe Square, Brompton, Middlesex
Marriage29 May 1817to Thomas Osborne at Old Church, St.Pancras, London
MCharles Osborne
Birth11 Jul 1825
FEliza Osborne
Birth21 Nov 1823All Hallows, Middlesex
MGeorge Osborne
Birth11 Jul 1821Lombard Street, All Hallows, Middlesex
Marriage31 Oct 1861to Mary Ann Lovegrove at St George, Bloomsbury
FLouisa Jane Ann Osborne
Birth14 Jan 1832Stoke Newington
DeathAFT 31 Mar 1901
FMarian Osborne
Birth7 Nov 1819All Hallows, Middlesex
DeathBET APR AND JUN 1884Kensington (Reg District)
MThomas Osborne
Birth27 Feb 1818City, Middlesex
DeathABT 1866
MarriageABT 1839to Eliza Hampton
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas Osborne
Birth27 Feb 1818City, Middlesex
DeathABT 1866
MarriageABT 1839to Eliza Hampton
FatherThomas Osborne
MotherElizabeth England
PARENT (F) Eliza Hampton
BirthABT 1815Islington, Middlesex
MarriageABT 1839to Thomas Osborne
MEdward Osborne
Birth1 Mar 1860Hackney, Middlesex
Marriage25 Jul 1898to Annie Amelia Mustart at St Michael & All Angels, Hackney
FEliza Osborne
Birth15 Mar 1843Hackney, Middlesex
FElizabeth Marian Osborne
Birth22 Sep 1841Hackney, Middlesex
FEmily Osborne
Birth6 Jan 1853Hackney, Middlesex
Marriage18 Nov 1878to George Alfred Parting at St Philip, Dalston
MGeorge Osborne
Birth28 Feb 1846Hackney, Middlesex
Marriage31 Aug 1874to Lucy Ann Jones at St Mary, Haggerston
FJane Osborne
Birth8 Apr 1851Hackney, Middlesex
FLouisa Osborne
Birth27 Sep 1844Hackney, Middlesex
FMary Osborne
Birth26 Dec 1847Shoreditch, Middlesex
FSarah Osborne
Birth7 May 1857Hackney, Middlesex
MThomas Osborne
Birth8 Jun 1840Hackney, Middlesex
Marriage23 Jun 1862to Margaret James at St Mary, Haggerston
Descendancy Chart
Thomas Osborne b: 27 Feb 1818 d: ABT 1866
Eliza Hampton b: ABT 1815 d: UNKNOWN
Edward Osborne b: 1 Mar 1860 d: UNKNOWN
Annie Amelia Mustart b: ABT 1875 d: UNKNOWN
Eliza Osborne b: 15 Mar 1843 d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Marian Osborne b: 22 Sep 1841 d: UNKNOWN
Emily Osborne b: 6 Jan 1853 d: UNKNOWN
George Alfred Parting b: ABT 1852 d: UNKNOWN
Alice Maud M Parting b: BET OCT AND DEC 1884 d: UNKNOWN
Edith Emily Parting b: ABT 1879 d: UNKNOWN
Edward J Parting b: ABT 1882 d: UNKNOWN
Elsie May Parting b: BET APR AND JUN 1893 d: UNKNOWN
George A Parting b: ABT May 1880 d: UNKNOWN
John E Parting b: ABT 1882 d: UNKNOWN
George Osborne b: 28 Feb 1846 d: UNKNOWN
Lucy Ann Jones b: ABT 1853 d: UNKNOWN
Edith L. Osborne b: ABT 1880 d: UNKNOWN
George Alfred Osborne b: ABT 1879 d: UNKNOWN
Kathleen Florence Andrews b: ABT 1880 d: UNKNOWN
Phyllis Elizabeth Florence Osborne b: 28 Sep 1913 d: UNKNOWN
Stanley Edward Buckley b: ABT 1913 d: UNKNOWN
Henrietta Rosina Osborne b: ABT 1877 d: UNKNOWN
Lucy Elizabeth Osborne b: 1 Sep 1875 d: UNKNOWN
George Thomas Osborne Waters b: ABT 1875 d: UNKNOWN
Jane Osborne b: 8 Apr 1851 d: UNKNOWN
Louisa Osborne b: 27 Sep 1844 d: UNKNOWN
Mary Osborne b: 26 Dec 1847 d: UNKNOWN
Sarah Osborne b: 7 May 1857 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Osborne b: 8 Jun 1840 d: UNKNOWN
Margaret James b: ABT 1840 d: UNKNOWN
Annie Eliza Osborne b: 18 Dec 1871 d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Marian Osborne b: 22 Nov 1864 d: UNKNOWN
Harry Wrighton b: ABT 1865 d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Margaret Wrighton b: 1 May 1892 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Harry Wrighton b: 4 May 1895 d: UNKNOWN
Celine Alphonsine J. VanderBosch b: ABT 1895 d: UNKNOWN
Florence Emily Osborne b: 27 Mar 1880 d: UNKNOWN
Henry Charles Osborne b: 11 Jul 1869 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Charles Osborne b: 7 Mar 1867 d: UNKNOWN
William James Osborne b: 9 Nov 1881 d: UNKNOWN
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