Thomas Ashman

Thomas Ashman
b: ABT 1787
  • ABT 1787 - Birth - ; Middlesex, London
  • UNKNOWN - Death -
Thomas Ashman
Family Group Sheet - Child
MThomas Ashman
BirthABT 1787Middlesex, London
Marriage13 Apr 1812to Eliza Margaret Hymas at St Botolph, Bishopsgate
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas Ashman
BirthABT 1787Middlesex, London
Marriage13 Apr 1812to Eliza Margaret Hymas at St Botolph, Bishopsgate
PARENT (F) Eliza Margaret Hymas
BirthABT 1789Middlesex, London
DeathBET APR AND JUN 1866 Shoreditch (Reg District)
Marriage13 Apr 1812to Thomas Ashman at St Botolph, Bishopsgate
FatherEdward Hymas
MotherElizabeth Benrose
MEdward Ashman
Birth2 May 1824St Lukes, Clerkenwell
Death20 Jan 1908Islington (Reg District)
Marriage12 Jul 1849to Martha Faulkner at St Matthew, City Road, Middlesex
FEllen Ashman
BirthABT 1813
FEmmeline Ashman
Birth10 Oct 1828Islington
Death17 Feb 1915185 Downham Road, Islington
Marriage3 Jun 1866to Charles Callard at St John Baptist, Clerkenwell
MJoseph Ashman
Birth12 Dec 1817Shoreditch (assumed)
DeathOct 1822
FMargaret Ashman
BirthABT 1814Hoxton, Middlesex
Marriage12 Nov 1835to Henry William Lowes
MThomas Ashman
Birth4 Feb 1816Middlesex
DeathAFT Apr 1881
Marriage17 Aug 1840to Mary Ford at St James, Clerkenwell
MAlfred Ashman
Birth15 Jul 1822Shoreditch (assumed)
Death23 Jul 1837Shoreditch (assumed)
Descendancy Chart
Thomas Ashman b: ABT 1787 d: UNKNOWN
Eliza Margaret Hymas b: ABT 1789 d: BET APR AND JUN 1866
Edward Ashman b: 2 May 1824 d: 20 Jan 1908
Martha Faulkner b: ABT 1822 d: BET 1881 AND 1891
Edward Thomas Ashman b: 15 May 1850 d: BET JAN AND MAR 1908
Emily Ashman b: 17 Aug 1864 d: UNKNOWN
Frederick Thomas Gardner b: ABT 1856 d: UNKNOWN
Violet Martha Ashman Gardner b: 13 Feb 1901 d: UNKNOWN
Martha Ashman b: 5 Mar 1855 d: UNKNOWN
Rebecca Jemima Ashman b: 20 Sep 1857 d: ABT Mar 1862
Walter Ashman b: 4 Sep 1852 d: UNKNOWN
Alfred Ashman b: 16 Apr 1860 d: UNKNOWN
Ellen Ashman b: ABT 1813 d: 1837
Emmeline Ashman b: 10 Oct 1828 d: 17 Feb 1915
Charles Callard b: ABT 1827 d: 11 Apr 1897
Mary Callard b: ABT 1860 d: UNKNOWN
Joseph Ashman b: 12 Dec 1817 d: Oct 1822
Margaret Ashman b: ABT 1814 d: UNKNOWN
Henry William Lowes b: ABT 1816 d: UNKNOWN
Eliza Margaret Lowes b: 19 Aug 1836 d: BEF Apr 1881
George Claridge b: ABT 1833 d: UNKNOWN
George Albert Claridge b: 22 Apr 1867 d: UNKNOWN
Emmeline Lowes b: 12 Mar 1845 d: UNKNOWN
William Turner d: UNKNOWN
Francis Lowes b: 3 Nov 1851 d: UNKNOWN
Ann N k b: ABT 1852 d: UNKNOWN
Francis Lowes b: ABT 1872 d: UNKNOWN
William Lowes b: ABT 1879 d: UNKNOWN
Howard Alfred Lowes b: 20 Oct 1847 d: UNKNOWN
Jane Lowes b: 12 Jun 1855 d: UNKNOWN
Joseph Capel Lowes b: 17 Nov 1841 d: UNKNOWN
William Edward Lowes b: 20 Jul 1840 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Ashman b: 4 Feb 1816 d: AFT Apr 1881
Mary Ford b: ABT 1814 d: AFT 1881
Charles Ashman b: 4 Jun 1850 d: UNKNOWN
Annie Blizzard b: ABT 1853 d: UNKNOWN
Alice Maud Ashman b: 9 Nov 1878 d: UNKNOWN
Annie Ashman b: ABT 1877 d: UNKNOWN
Florence Louise Ashman b: 12 Jan 1886 d: UNKNOWN
George Bernard Crabb d: UNKNOWN
Constance Louise Crabb b: 13 Jun 1910 d: UNKNOWN
Lily Ethel Ashman b: 15 Jan 1884 d: UNKNOWN
James Alfred Abrahams d: UNKNOWN
Albert Edward Ashman b: 13 Dec 1887 d: UNKNOWN
Colin Ashman b: 9 Apr 1856 d: UNKNOWN
Alice Bushell b: ABT 1860 d: UNKNOWN
John Joseph Ashman b: 20 Nov 1886 d: UNKNOWN
Donald Ashman d: UNKNOWN
Alice Elizabeth Ashman b: 8 Oct 1881 d: UNKNOWN
George Ashman b: 30 Jun 1852 d: 25 Sep 1882
Joseph Ashman b: 29 Nov 1847 d: 27 Jul 1880
Mary Frances Ashman b: 11 Nov 1841 d: BET OCT AND DEC 1908
Charles Ambrose Dickins b: ABT 1837 d: 17 Jul 1892
Albert Alfred Dickins b: 18 Feb 1872 d: UNKNOWN
Emily Hannah Pinches d: UNKNOWN
Winifred Emily Frances Dickins b: 2 Oct 1900 d: UNKNOWN
Amelia Dickins b: ABT 1870 d: UNKNOWN
Charles Edward Dickins b: 16 Jun 1867 d: UNKNOWN
Clara Augusta Noakes b: ABT 1867 d: UNKNOWN
Charles Ambrose Dickins b: 10 Jun 1893 d: UNKNOWN
Louisa Dickins b: 9 May 1865 d: UNKNOWN
Mary Frances Dickins b: 31 Mar 1863 d: UNKNOWN
James George Strutton b: ABT 1835 d: AFT Mar 1901
Sarah Ann Ashman b: 15 Oct 1843 d: UNKNOWN
James Coley b: ABT 1844 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas (Alfred) Ashman b: 13 Dec 1845 d: 28 May 1898
Jane Whitmore d: UNKNOWN
Sarah Jane Matilda Ashman b: 24 Apr 1890 d: UNKNOWN
Alfred Whitby d: UNKNOWN
Eva Margaret Whitby b: 1 Aug 1914 d: 26 May 2001
Kenneth Hannaford b: 10 Oct 1913 d: Aug 1984
William Edward Ashman b: ABT 1840 d: UNKNOWN
Alfred Ashman b: 15 Jul 1822 d: 23 Jul 1837
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