Robert Mitchell Collyer

Robert Mitchell Collyer
b: 12 May 1787
d: 13 Aug 1859
  • 12 May 1787 - Birth - ; White Lion Row, Islington
  • 7 Jun 1787 - Baptism - ; Kingsweight Hse. Ind., London
  • 16 Aug 1859 - Burial - ; Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.
  • 13 Aug 1859 - Death - ; Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Joseph Collyer
ABT 1714 - 20 Feb 1776
Joseph Collyer
14 Sep 1748 - 24 Dec 1827
Mary Mitchell
ABT 1716 - 31 Dec 1762
Robert Mitchell Collyer
12 May 1787 - 13 Aug 1859
George Clayton
Dulcybella Clayton
BEF 22 May 1757 - 12 Jun 1790
Alice Fowler
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Collyer
Birth14 Sep 1748London
Death24 Dec 1827 Constitution Row, Grays Inn Rd.
Marriage16 Dec 1775to Dulcybella Clayton at St.James, Clerkenwell
Marriage19 Jan 1796to Mary Smith at St James, Clerkenwell
FatherJoseph Collyer
MotherMary Mitchell
PARENT (F) Dulcybella Clayton
BirthBEF 22 May 1757Clayton, Lancs.
Death12 Jun 1790 London
Marriage16 Dec 1775to Joseph Collyer at St.James, Clerkenwell
FatherGeorge Clayton
MotherAlice Fowler
FDulcybella Collyer
Birth8 Feb 1781o St.James, Clerkenwell
Death9 Mar 1813London
Marriage31 Dec 1811to James Wilson at St.John, Clerkenwell, Middlesex
MGeorge Collyer
Birth29 Mar 1779o St. James, Clerkenwell
DeathBEF 1789
MGeorge Clayton Collyer
BirthABT Jan 1789Middlesex
Death13 Feb 1852Churchgate, Cheshunt, Herts.
MarriageABT Oct 1817to Elizabeth Shelton
Marriage27 Nov 1844to Esther Homan at St Stephen Coleman Street, London
Marriage15 Oct 1842to Louisa Nelme at St John, Hackney
MJohn Collyer
Birth11 Jul 1783White Lion Row, Islington
Death27 Aug 1840London
Marriage28 Sep 1823to Mary Powell at St John, Hackney
Marriage9 Sep 1819to Frances Fell at St Pancras, London
MJoseph Collyer
BirthABT Jul 1777o St.James, Clerkenwell
Death29 Jul 1846Portsea, Hants., Registration Sub-District
Marriageto Unknown Unknown
Marriageto Mary Unknown
MRobert Mitchell Collyer
Birth12 May 1787White Lion Row, Islington
Death13 Aug 1859Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Marriage12 May 1813to Ann Elizabeth Dugarden at Trinity Parish, St.Helier, Jersey
MThomas Anthony Collyer
BirthABT Apr 1790
Death20 Dec 1791London
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Robert Mitchell Collyer
Birth12 May 1787White Lion Row, Islington
Death13 Aug 1859 Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Marriage12 May 1813to Ann Elizabeth Dugarden at Trinity Parish, St.Helier, Jersey
FatherJoseph Collyer
MotherDulcybella Clayton
PARENT (F) Ann Elizabeth Dugarden
BirthABT 1798France
DeathAFT 1864 USA
Marriage12 May 1813to Robert Mitchell Collyer at Trinity Parish, St.Helier, Jersey
FAnn Elizabeth Collyer
Birth27 May 1820St. Helier, Jersey
DeathAFT 1900
MCharles Collyer
Birth25 Oct 1832St. Helier, Jersey
FClara Collyer
Birth21 Nov 1833St. Helier, Jersey
Death15 Jan 1848Nr. Clements Bdge, New Jersey, U.S.A.
FDulcibella Collyer
Birth25 Dec 1818St. Helier, Jersey
Death21 Jun 190334th Ward, Christ Church Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa, USA
MFrancis Collyer
Birth16 Dec 1825St. Helier, Jersey
Death15 Oct 1898First Ward, Franklin, Pa., USA.
MarriageBEF 1860to Jane A Unknown
MFrederick H Collyer
Birth12 Apr 1829St. Helier, Jersey
Death6 Mar 1883Franklin, Pa., U.S.A.
MGeorge Clayton Collyer
Birth11 Apr 1824St. Helier, Jersey
DeathSep 1832St. Helier, Jersey
MJoseph Collyer
Birth14 Nov 1815Jersey, Channel Islands
Death3 Jan 1856Nr New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
FMary Howell Collyer
Birth18 Nov 1827St. Helier, Jersey
DeathBEF Sep 1897
MarriageAFT 1860to Augustus William Harberger
MRobert Hanham Collyer Dr
Birth5 Mar 1814St Helier, Jersey
DeathABT 1891New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Marriage2 Apr 1845to Susannah Hawley Clarke at Salcombe Regis, Devon
Marriage15 Jun 1864to Emily Jeans Clements at Register Office, Marylebone, Middlesex
MarriageBEF 7 Apr 1861to Eliza Unknown
Marriageto Mary Ann Lloyd
FSarah Collyer
Birth27 Jun 1822St.Helier, Jersey.
Death17 Jun 19092005 (3), Gano Street, Houston, Texas
Marriage4 Mar 1847to James Ollis at Philadelphia, U.S.A.
FVictoria L. Collyer
BirthABT 1835Delaware, USA
Marriage6 Jan 1878to Robert L. Flanagan at Camden, Camden Co, New Jersey, U.S.A.
MWilliam Collyer
Birth24 Jul 1817St.Helier, Jersey
DeathAFT 1861
Marriage5 Oct 1847to Eliza Hosford at Burville Farm, nr Clements' Bridge, Co Gloucester, New Jersey.
Descendancy Chart
Robert Mitchell Collyer b: 12 May 1787 d: 13 Aug 1859
Ann Elizabeth Dugarden b: ABT 1798 d: AFT 1864
Ann Elizabeth Collyer b: 27 May 1820 d: AFT 1900
Charles Collyer b: 25 Oct 1832 d: UNKNOWN
Clara Collyer b: 21 Nov 1833 d: 15 Jan 1848
Dulcibella Collyer b: 25 Dec 1818 d: 21 Jun 1903
Francis Collyer b: 16 Dec 1825 d: 15 Oct 1898
Jane A Unknown b: Apr 1839 d: 19 Dec 1901
Charles Collyer b: ABT 1874 d: UNKNOWN
Florence Ida Collyer b: Jan 1862 d: 5 Mar 1921
Marion R. McLintock b: ABT 1856 d: UNKNOWN
Nk Mook d: 18 Jun 1901
Donnell Mook b: Dec 1889 d: UNKNOWN
Frances L. Collyer b: ABT 1860 d: UNKNOWN
George W. Collyer b: ABT 1865 d: UNKNOWN
Jennie Collyer b: 19 Nov 1869 d: 22 Feb 1944
Francis D Sullinger b: 13 Mar 1868 d: 16 Jun 1949
Dorothy B Sullinger b: BET 1904 AND 1905 d: UNKNOWN
B. J. Smith d: UNKNOWN
Florence J Sullinger b: BET 1901 AND 1902 d: UNKNOWN
Ray R. Pyle b: ABT 1901 d: UNKNOWN
Francis E Sullinger b: 4 Apr 1892 d: UNKNOWN
Grace E Sullinger b: ABT Feb 1910 d: UNKNOWN
William DeArment b: ABT 1904 d: UNKNOWN
Lou Vera Sullinger b: Apr 1894 d: UNKNOWN
Louis A Campbell b: UNKNOWN d: ABT 1923
Francis Campbell b: ABT 1918 d: UNKNOWN
Joseph D Campbell b: ABT 1915 d: UNKNOWN
Frank Campbell b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Robert M. Collyer b: ABT 1863 d: 14 Feb 1896
N k N k d: UNKNOWN
Frederick H Collyer b: 12 Apr 1829 d: 6 Mar 1883
George Clayton Collyer b: 11 Apr 1824 d: Sep 1832
Joseph Collyer b: 14 Nov 1815 d: 3 Jan 1856
Mary Howell Collyer b: 18 Nov 1827 d: BEF Sep 1897
Augustus William Harberger b: ABT 1830 d: Jul 1890
Henry S. Harberger b: 25 Jun 1864 d: ABT 1940
Mary Lillian Harberger b: 23 Apr 1865 d: 13 Feb 1944
John Ward Krewson b: 7 Aug 1870 d: 17 Oct 1937
Dorothy Collyer Krewson b: 18 Nov 1904 d: 4 Jul 1991
James Harry Thomas b: 17 Dec 1903 d: 16 Nov 1991
James Harry Thomas b: 26 Mar 1929 d: Aug 1965
Henry Krewson b: 1910 d: 1910
Mildred Krewson b: 1900 d: 1900
Ward Stanleigh Krewson b: 17 Aug 1899 d: 29 Mar 1983
Robert Hanham Collyer Dr b: 5 Mar 1814 d: ABT 1891
Susannah Hawley Clarke b: ABT 1815 d: 20 Aug 1869
Emily Jeans Clements b: BEF 5 Sep 1847 d: UNKNOWN
Emily Pauline Leitrim Collyer b: 7 Apr 1865 d: 25 Mar 1927
William Henry Adderley Sleigh b: ABT 1847 d: 31 May 1900
Dudley Adderley Dashwood Sleigh b: 21 Sep 1893 d: 1975
Norah Connolly b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Gervase Lauderdale Sleigh b: 14 May 1889 d: 5 Dec 1971
Katherine Mable Saville b: 2 Jun 1896 d: Feb 1984
Margaret Eastwood b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Margaret Pauline Sleigh b: 14 Jan 1896 d: UNKNOWN
Nora Laura Augusta Clarinda Sleigh b: 6 Aug 1898 d: 20 Dec 1969
Edward Octavius Hewlett b: 25 Jul 1898 d: UNKNOWN
Pauline Alma Alice Sleigh b: BET OCT AND DEC 1891 d: UNKNOWN
Robert Lee Collyer b: 1 Aug 1866 d: UNKNOWN
Eliza Unknown b: ABT 1831 d: UNKNOWN
Robert A Collyer b: ABT 1852 d: UNKNOWN
Mary Ann Lloyd b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Dulcy Bella Collyer Lloyd b: 1 Dec 1862 d: UNKNOWN
Sarah Collyer b: 27 Jun 1822 d: 17 Jun 1909
James Ollis b: ABT 1823 d: 25 Apr 1873
Emily A. Ollis b: Jul 1849 d: 25 Feb 1905
Fanny M. Ollis b: Dec 1854 d: UNKNOWN
James Mitchell Ollis b: Jan 1857 d: 24 Apr 1907
Josephine M. N k b: Jan 1865 d: AFT 1928
Sarah Henrietta Ollis b: Jan 1863 d: UNKNOWN
Robert C. Macy b: Mar 1868 d: UNKNOWN
Harold G. Macy b: Jun 1891 d: UNKNOWN
James B. Macy b: Nov 1899 d: UNKNOWN
Lilian S. Macy b: Oct 1894 d: UNKNOWN
Mabel S. Macy b: Mar 1897 d: UNKNOWN
Robert C. Macy b: Sep 1890 d: UNKNOWN
Sarah H. Macy b: Oct 1895 d: UNKNOWN
Theophilus Toulmin Ollis b: ABT 1859 d: UNKNOWN
William Frederic Ollis b: ABT 1861 d: AFT 1928
Victoria L. Collyer b: ABT 1835 d: UNKNOWN
Robert L. Flanagan b: ABT 1820 d: UNKNOWN
William Collyer b: 24 Jul 1817 d: AFT 1861
Eliza Hosford b: AFT 1821 d: 28 Jun 1862
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