Nellie Louise Guyatt

Nellie Louise Guyatt
b: ABT Apr 1887
d: 11 Jan 1889
  • ABT Apr 1887 - Birth - ; Ireland?
  • 11 Jan 1889 - Death - ; 61 York Street, Westminster, London
James Guyatt
William Freeman Guyatt
19 Feb 1847 - 27 Feb 1888
Elizabeth Holham
Nellie Louise Guyatt
ABT Apr 1887 - 11 Jan 1889
Felix Hales
ABT 1827 - BET 1851 AND 1858
Emma Mary A Hale
BET JAN AND MAR 1850 - 13 Jun 1890
Sarah Gladwin
BET 1826 AND 1829 - UNKNOWN
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Freeman Guyatt
Birth19 Feb 1847High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Death27 Feb 1888 Galway, Ireland
Marriage16 Jan 1870to Emma Mary A Hale at Kennington, London
FatherJames Guyatt
MotherElizabeth Holham
PARENT (F) Emma Mary A Hale
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1850Chelsea, Middlesex
Death13 Jun 1890 Middlesex Hospital, London
Marriage16 Jan 1870to William Freeman Guyatt at Kennington, London
FatherFelix Hales
MotherSarah Gladwin
MAlfred Rowland Guyatt
Birth15 Apr 1881The Citadel, Plymouth, Devon
FAlice Maud Guyatt
BirthABT Dec 1885Ireland?
Death13 Jan 1889Kings College Hospital, London
FAmy Mary Ann Guyatt
Birth26 Sep 187512 Blenheim Street, Westminster, Middlesex
Death11 Jul 1881Plymouth Sound, Devon
MArthur Thomas Guyatt
Birth10 Jul 187963 LowerTower Street, St George, Birmingham
DeathBET JUL AND SEP 1950St Germans, Cornwall (Reg District)
FEmma Louisa Guyatt
BirthBET OCT AND DEC 1870St Pancras (Reg District)
DeathBET OCT AND DEC 1874Strand, Middlesex (Reg District)
FNellie Louise Guyatt
BirthABT Apr 1887Ireland?
Death11 Jan 188961 York Street, Westminster, London
MWilliam Edward Guyatt
Birth25 Mar 187712 Blenheim Street, Westminster, Middlesex
Death10 Apr 19476 Kingswood Road, Liscard, Cheshire
Marriage6 Jan 1910to Mary Humphries(Widow) at St Luke, Hampstead, London
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