Mary (Ann) Capstick

Mary (Ann) Capstick
b: ABT 1816
d: 7 Sep 1885
  • ABT 1816 - Birth - ; Howick
  • 10 Sep 1885 - Burial - ; Heapey, St.Barnabas
  • 7 Sep 1885 - Death - ; Bolton?
Mary (Ann) Capstick
ABT 1816 - 7 Sep 1885
Descendancy Chart
Mary (Ann) Capstick b: ABT 1816 d: 7 Sep 1885
Thomas Culshaw b: 15 Jul 1818 d: 7 Jun 1884
Henry Culshaw b: ABT 1844 d: UNKNOWN
Alice Hodgkinson b: ABT 1838 d: UNKNOWN
Frederic Arthur Culshaw b: ABT 1874 d: UNKNOWN
William Alfred Culshaw b: 4 Feb 1867 d: ABT Jun 1953
Elizabeth Douglas b: ABT 1866 d: 17 Mar 1943
Hilda Culshaw b: ABT 1894 d: UNKNOWN
James Broomfield d: UNKNOWN
Alfred Henry Douglas Culshaw b: 27 Feb 1893 d: 1 Sep 1977
Dorothy Yeats Hogarth b: 1895 d: 12 Dec 1975
Walter Culshaw b: 14 Nov 1924 d: 1926
William Alfred Culshaw b: 11 Apr 1919 d: Apr 1945
Ada Culshaw b: ABT 1873 d: UNKNOWN
Joseph Culshaw b: ABT 1854 d: 30 Jun 1927
Margaret Ann Cropley b: ABT 1851 d: UNKNOWN
Ellen Ada Culshaw b: ABT 1877 d: 16 Jan 1952
George Kay b: ABT 1877 d: 13 Jan 1962
Dorothy Kay b: ABT 1908 d: 1967
Herbert Culshaw b: ABT 1886 d: 5 Mar 1944
Bertha Hughes b: ABT 1884 d: 4 Apr 1973
Joseph Roy Culshaw b: BET JAN AND MAR 1922 d: 2 Oct 1939
Mary Culshaw b: ABT 1878 d: UNKNOWN
Clara Culshaw b: ABT 1880 d: UNKNOWN
Albert Tipping b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Culshaw b: 7 Apr 1884 d: UNKNOWN
Walter Ryden d: UNKNOWN
Maria Culshaw b: ABT 1842 d: 8 Jan 1867
Thomas Yates b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Martha Culshaw b: ABT 1854 d: UNKNOWN
Mary Ann Culshaw b: ABT 1846 d: 2 Dec 1869
Thomas Culshaw b: ABT 1848 d: 2 Mar 1874
Dinah Tomlinson b: ABT 1847 d: 30 Jan 1875
William Culshaw b: ABT 1852 d: 22 Mar 1858
Margery Capstick b: ABT 1839 d: UNKNOWN
William Clarkson b: ABT 1839 d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Clarkson b: ABT 1881 d: UNKNOWN
Frank Clarkson b: ABT 1878 d: UNKNOWN
Hannah Clarkson b: ABT 1861 d: UNKNOWN
Henry Clarkson b: ABT 1873 d: UNKNOWN
James Clarkson b: ABT 1866 d: UNKNOWN
Joseph Clarkson b: ABT 1869 d: UNKNOWN
Maria Clarkson b: ABT 1876 d: UNKNOWN
Marjory Clarkson b: ABT 2 Nov 1885 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Clarkson b: ABT 1864 d: UNKNOWN
William Clarkson b: ABT 1868 d: UNKNOWN
Alice Culshaw b: ABT 1857 d: ABT Nov 1874
Elizabeth Jane Culshaw b: ABT 1850 d: 22 Nov 1908
John Platt b: UNKNOWN d: BET APR 1891 AND MAR 1901
Richard Platt b: ABT 1879 d: UNKNOWN
William Platt b: ABT 1873 d: UNKNOWN
Ellen Culshaw b: ABT 1841 d: 22 Mar 1905
Thomas Yates d: UNKNOWN
Family Group Sheet - Child
FMary (Ann) Capstick
BirthABT 1816Howick
Death7 Sep 1885Bolton?
Marriage21 Sep 1840to Thomas Culshaw at Penwortham, St.Mary
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas Culshaw
Birth15 Jul 1818Burscough
Death7 Jun 1884 Blackburn?
Marriage21 Sep 1840to Mary (Ann) Capstick at Penwortham, St.Mary
FatherThomas Culshaw
MotherMargery Cheetham
PARENT (F) Mary (Ann) Capstick
BirthABT 1816Howick
Death7 Sep 1885 Bolton?
Marriage21 Sep 1840to Thomas Culshaw at Penwortham, St.Mary
MHenry Culshaw
BirthABT 1844Leyland
Marriage1 Apr 1866to Alice Hodgkinson at Heapey, St. Barnabas
MJoseph Culshaw
BirthABT 1854Preston
Death30 Jun 1927Blackburn
Marriage22 Feb 1876to Margaret Ann Cropley at Heapey, St. Barnabas
FMaria Culshaw
BirthABT 1842Leyland
Death8 Jan 1867
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1864to Thomas Yates at Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
FMartha Culshaw
BirthABT 1854Preston
FMary Ann Culshaw
BirthABT 1846Leyland
Death2 Dec 1869Wheelton?
MThomas Culshaw
BirthABT 1848Farington
Death2 Mar 1874Withnell?
Marriageto Dinah Tomlinson
MWilliam Culshaw
BirthABT 1852Farington?
Death22 Mar 1858Farington?
FMargery Capstick
BirthABT 1839Leyland
Marriage25 May 1861to William Clarkson at Cockerham, St.Michael
FAlice Culshaw
BirthABT 1857Farington
DeathABT Nov 1874Wheelton?
FElizabeth Jane Culshaw
BirthABT 1850Farington
Death22 Nov 1908
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1872to John Platt at Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
FEllen Culshaw
BirthABT 1841Cuerden
Death22 Mar 1905
MarriageAFT Mar 1866to Thomas Yates
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