Martha Claringburn

Martha Claringburn
b: ABT 1859
  • ABT 1859 - Birth - ; Carlton, Nottingham
  • 15 May 1859 - Baptism - ; Carlton, Nottingham
  • UNKNOWN - Death -
Joseph Augustus Claringburn
ABT Mar 1805 - 19 Apr 1849
Joseph Augustus Claringburn
BEF 1 Feb 1829 - AFT Mar 1881
Frances Jackson
ABT 1804 - 15 Jul 1858
Martha Claringburn
Richard Peat
ABT 1800 - AFT Mar 1861
Martha Peet
ABT 1831 - 2 Mar 1917
Hannah N k
ABT 1788 - AFT Mar 1861
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Augustus Claringburn
BirthBEF 1 Feb 1829Radford, Notts.
DeathAFT Mar 1881
Marriage25 Dec 1850to Martha Peet at All Hallows, Gedling, Notts
FatherJoseph Augustus Claringburn
MotherFrances Jackson
PARENT (F) Martha Peet
BirthABT 1831Carlton, Notts.
Death2 Mar 1917 Temple Wh Infirmary, Scotland Road, Old Basford, Nottingham
Marriage25 Dec 1850to Joseph Augustus Claringburn at All Hallows, Gedling, Notts
FatherRichard Peat
MotherHannah N k
MCharles Claringburn
BirthABT Mar 1861Carlton, Notts.
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1882to Margaret Emma Clements at Nottingham
FEliza Claringburn
Birth25 Dec 1869Carlton, Notts.
FElizabeth Claringburn
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1863Basford (Reg District)
Death25 Dec 1864Carlton?
FFrances Claringburn
Birth28 Sep 1854Carlton, Nottingham
Marriage1 Aug 1876to William Brailsford Columbine at Holy Trinity, Nottingham
MFrancis Claringburn
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1857Carlton, Nottingham
Death15 May 1862Carlton?
MFrancis Claringburn
BirthBEF 19 Feb 1865Carlton, Nottingham
Death15 Sep 1890Nottingham General Cemetery, Grave No 9275
Marriage25 Feb 1886to Martha Griffin at Nottingham
MJoseph Augustus Claringburn
BirthABT Mar 1852Carlton, Nottingham
DeathABT Oct 1900
Marriage13 Oct 1872to Eliza Love at St Matthew, Nottingham
FMartha Claringburn
BirthABT 1859Carlton, Nottingham
FMary Ann Claringburn
Birth14 Mar 1849Carlton, Nottingham
Marriage13 Mar 1871to Joseph Henry Beardsley at All Saints, Nottingham
MRichard Claringburn
Birth13 Feb 1867Carlton, Notts.
Death15 Jul 1868Carlton?
MRichard Claringburn
BirthABT 1869
Death19 Sep 1885
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