Martha Claringburn

Martha Claringburn
b: 10 Jun 1842
d: 1 Jun 1859
  • 10 Jun 1842 - Birth - ; Hyson Green, Notts.
  • 5 Jun 1859 - Burial - ; Nottingham General Cemetery, Grave No 9999. Interment G773
  • 1 Jun 1859 - Death -
Joseph Augustus Claringburn
ABT 1774 - ABT Feb 1837
Joseph Augustus Claringburn
ABT Mar 1805 - 19 Apr 1849
Martha Parker
- ABT 17 Feb 1807
Martha Claringburn
10 Jun 1842 - 1 Jun 1859
Frances Jackson
ABT 1804 - 15 Jul 1858
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Augustus Claringburn
BirthABT Mar 1805
Death19 Apr 1849 Albion Street, Nottingham
Marriage7 Aug 1826to Frances Jackson at Radford, Nottingham
FatherJoseph Augustus Claringburn
MotherMartha Parker
PARENT (F) Frances Jackson
BirthABT 1804Carlton, Nottingham
Death15 Jul 1858 Sherwood Street, Nottingham
Marriage7 Aug 1826to Joseph Augustus Claringburn at Radford, Nottingham
FAlice Claringburn
BirthBEF 28 Jul 1833Radford, Nottingham
DeathAFT Mar 1881
MarriageBET APR AND JUN 1871to Henry Thornhill at Basford, Nottingham
FAnn Claringburn
BirthABT 1827
Marriage8 Nov 1848to John Davies at Basford, Notts
MCharles Claringburn
Birth9 Feb 1836Radford, Notts.
DeathBET OCT AND DEC 1904Nottingham (Reg District)
Marriage30 Oct 1860to Eliza Turner at St Mary, Nottingham
MFrancis Claringburn
BirthBEF 24 Apr 1831Radford, Notts.
Death1 Dec 190211 Carver Street, Nottingham
Marriage27 Oct 1872to Osethe Aglace Haskard at St Mark, Nottingham
Marriage12 May 1853to Elizabeth Gascoigne at St John Baptist, Nottingham
MJoseph Augustus Claringburn
BirthBEF 1 Feb 1829Radford, Notts.
DeathAFT Mar 1881
Marriage25 Dec 1850to Martha Peet at All Hallows, Gedling, Notts
FMartha Claringburn
Birth10 Jun 1842Hyson Green, Notts.
Death1 Jun 1859
FMary Claringburn
Birth22 Jan 1846Carlton, Nottingham
Death10 Jan 1870
MThomas Claringburn
BirthABT 1839Radford, Notts
Death11 Jan 1846Carlton?
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