Maria Culshaw

Maria Culshaw
b: 5 Dec 1821
d: AFT 1881
  • 5 Dec 1821 - Birth - ; Burscough, Lancashire
  • 16 Dec 1821 - Baptism - ; Ormskirk, St.Peter & St. Paul
  • AFT 1881 - Death -
John Culshaw
ABT 1760 - 1 Dec 1841
Thomas Culshaw
ABT 1788 - 18 Jan 1864
Ellen Hesketh
ABT 1761 - Nov 1846
Maria Culshaw
5 Dec 1821 - AFT 1881
Margery Cheetham
ABT 1789 - 4 Sep 1876
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Culshaw
BirthABT 1788Burscough
Death18 Jan 1864 Farington
Marriage22 Jun 1812to Margery Cheetham at Rainford, All Saints
FatherJohn Culshaw
MotherEllen Hesketh
PARENT (F) Margery Cheetham
BirthABT 1789Burscough
Death4 Sep 1876 42 Euston St., Preston
Marriage22 Jun 1812to Thomas Culshaw at Rainford, All Saints
MHenry Culshaw
Birth8 Oct 1815Lancs
Death29 May 1844Hoghton
MJames Culshaw
BirthABT 1834Farington, Lancashire
Death14 Jul 1923Farington
Marriage17 Oct 1852to Margaret Bradshaw at Preston Register Office
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1898to Betty Iddon at Ormskirk (Reg District)
MJohn Culshaw
BirthABT 1812Burscough
Death13 Aug 1897Farington's Almshouses, Fox Lane, Leyland
MarriageUNKNOWNto Margaret Unknown at Unknown
FMaria Culshaw
Birth5 Dec 1821Burscough, Lancashire
DeathAFT 1881
Marriage13 May 1844to Joseph Holding at Penwortham, St.Mary
MPeter Culshaw
Birth19 Feb 1830Farington
Death1 Sep 1913Euxton, Lancashire(?)
Marriage24 Mar 1851to Ellen Eastham at Leyland, St.Andrew
MReuben Culshaw
BirthABT 1832
Death26 Jun 1848Farington?
MThomas Culshaw
Birth15 Jul 1818Burscough
Death7 Jun 1884Blackburn?
Marriage21 Sep 1840to Mary (Ann) Capstick at Penwortham, St.Mary
MAbel Culshaw
BirthABT 1837Farington, Lancshire
DeathABT Aug 1917Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
Marriage1859to Catherine (Worthington) at St John, Preston, Lancashire
MBenjamin Culshaw
BirthBEF 6 Jul 1828Farington
DeathAFT 31 Mar 1901
Marriage10 Apr 1851to Barbara Blackwell at Leyland, St. Andrew
FEliza Culshaw
Birth27 Feb 1841Farington
DeathBET OCT AND DEC 1926Preston, Lancashire (Reg District) (?)
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1868to Robert Shelliker at Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
FElizabeth Culshaw
BirthABT 1823Farington?
DeathABT Nov 1864
Marriage5 Jun 1843to John Cross at Penwortham. St. Mary
FEllen Culshaw
BirthABT 1826Farington
MarriageBEF Dec 1850to Hugh Taylor
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Joseph Holding
BirthABT 1818Farington, Lancashire
DeathBEF Apr 1871
Marriage13 May 1844to Maria Culshaw at Penwortham, St.Mary
FatherRobert Holding
MotherEllen Unknown
PARENT (F) Maria Culshaw
Birth5 Dec 1821Burscough, Lancashire
DeathAFT 1881
Marriage13 May 1844to Joseph Holding at Penwortham, St.Mary
FatherThomas Culshaw
MotherMargery Cheetham
FEleanor Holding
BirthABT 1846Farington, Lancashire
FEliza Holding
BirthABT 1855Winmarleigh, Lancashire
FElizabeth Holding
BirthABT 1848Farington, Lancashire
MHenry Holding
BirthABT 1845Farington, Lancashire
MJames Holding
BirthABT 1863Winmarleigh, Lancashire
FJane Holding
BirthABT 1857Winmarleigh, Lancashire
FMargaret Holding
BirthABT May 1860Winmarleigh, Lancs
FMargery Ellen Holding
BirthABT 1852Winmarleigh, Lancashire
FMary Maria Holding
BirthABT 1865Winmarleigh, Lancashire
MRobert Holding
BirthABT Aug 1850Winmarleigh, Lancashire
MThomas Holding
BirthABT 1858Winmarleigh, Lancashire
Descendancy Chart
Maria Culshaw b: 5 Dec 1821 d: AFT 1881
Joseph Holding b: ABT 1818 d: BEF Apr 1871
Eleanor Holding b: ABT 1846 d: UNKNOWN
Eliza Holding b: ABT 1855 d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Holding b: ABT 1848 d: UNKNOWN
Henry Holding b: ABT 1845 d: UNKNOWN
James Holding b: ABT 1863 d: UNKNOWN
Jane Holding b: ABT 1857 d: UNKNOWN
Margaret Holding b: ABT May 1860 d: UNKNOWN
Margery Ellen Holding b: ABT 1852 d: UNKNOWN
Mary Maria Holding b: ABT 1865 d: UNKNOWN
Robert Holding b: ABT Aug 1850 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Holding b: ABT 1858 d: UNKNOWN
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