Margery Hewitt

Margery Hewitt
b: 28 Dec 1898
  • 28 Dec 1898 - Birth - ; Chorley, Lancashire
  • 15 Jan 1899 - Baptism - ; Farington, St. Paul
  • UNKNOWN - Death -
Arthur Thomas Hewitt
BET APR AND JUN 1852 - 20 Sep 1915
William Hewitt
ABT 1874 - BET JAN AND MAR 1941
Mary Ann Rosebottom
BET JUL AND SEP 1843 - 22 Apr 1892
Margery Hewitt
28 Dec 1898 - UNKNOWN
Margaret Bamber
ABT 1873 - BET JUL AND SEP 1925
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Hewitt
BirthABT 1874Farington, Lancashire
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1941 Blackpool, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1927to Gladys Dainty at St Peter, Chorley, Lancashire
Marriage15 Aug 1893to Margaret Bamber at Farington, St.Paul
FatherArthur Thomas Hewitt
MotherMary Ann Rosebottom
PARENT (F) Margaret Bamber
BirthABT 1873Penwortham, Lancashire
DeathBET JUL AND SEP 1925 Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
Marriage15 Aug 1893to William Hewitt at Farington, St.Paul
FEdith Hewitt
Birth26 Jun 1897Chorley, Lancashire
FHenrietta Hewitt
Birth29 Aug 1895Penwortham, Lancashire
DeathFeb 1994Blackpool & Fylde, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1918to Ezra N Sellers at Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
FMargery Hewitt
Birth28 Dec 1898Chorley, Lancashire
MWilliam Henry Hewitt
Birth13 Dec 1893Farington?
Death30 Dec 1893Farington?
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