Margery Culshaw

Margery Culshaw
b: ABT 1855
d: 31 Dec 1920
  • ABT 1855 - Birth - ; Farington, Lancshire
  • 27 Aug 1854 - Baptism - ; Farington, St.Paul
  • 4 Jan 1921 - Burial - ; Penwortham, St.Mary
  • 31 Dec 1920 - Death - ; Moss Farm, Penwortham?
Thomas Culshaw
ABT 1788 - 18 Jan 1864
James Culshaw
ABT 1834 - 14 Jul 1923
Margery Cheetham
ABT 1789 - 4 Sep 1876
Margery Culshaw
ABT 1855 - 31 Dec 1920
Richard Bradshaw
Margaret Bradshaw
ABT 1831 - 24 Feb 1897
Margaret Bannister
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Culshaw
BirthABT 1834Farington, Lancashire
Death14 Jul 1923 Farington
Marriage17 Oct 1852to Margaret Bradshaw at Preston Register Office
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1898to Betty Iddon at Ormskirk (Reg District)
FatherThomas Culshaw
MotherMargery Cheetham
PARENT (F) Margaret Bradshaw
BirthABT 1831Clayton le Woods or Cuerden
Death24 Feb 1897 Farington?
Marriage17 Oct 1852to James Culshaw at Preston Register Office
FatherRichard Bradshaw
MotherMargaret Bannister
MHenry Culshaw
BirthABT 1872Farington
Death19 Jan 1895Farington?
MJames Culshaw
BirthABT 1869Farington
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1890to Jane Grimshaw at St Catherine, Wigan, Lancashire
FJane Alice Culshaw
BirthABT 1873Farington?
DeathApr 1874Farington?
MJohn Culshaw
BirthABT 1855Farington, Lancashire
Death19 Nov 1924Penwortham?
Marriage16 Jan 1875to Elizabeth Bennett at St Andrew Chapel, Leyland, Lancs
FMargaret Ann Culshaw
BirthABT 1859Farington, Lancshire
Death23 Jun 1928Leyland?
Marriage15 Jun 1882to William Burns Buck at St Paul, Farington
FMargery Culshaw
BirthABT 1855Farington, Lancshire
Death31 Dec 1920Moss Farm, Penwortham?
Marriage24 May 1877to George Worden at Farington, St.Paul
FMary Ellen Culshaw
BirthABT 1863Farington or Penwortham, Lancashire
Marriage24 Oct 1885to Samuel Norris at Farington, St.Paul
MRichard Culshaw
BirthABT 1857Farington
DeathABT 1924Unknown
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1908to Rachel Billington at St Saviour, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire
Marriage18 Apr 1878to Elizabeth Swindlehurst at Farington, St.Paul
MThomas Culshaw
BirthABT 1867Farington?
DeathApr 1867Farington
MAbel Culshaw
BirthABT Jan 1861Lostock
Death13 Dec 1898Railway Goods Yard, Butler Street, Preston
Marriage26 Sep 1898to Jane Baron at Bamber Bridge, St.Saviour
Marriage17 Sep 1881to Susannah Calvert at Walton le Dale, Parochial Chapel.
FEliza Culshaw
BirthABT 1865Farington ?
DeathJan 1867Farington ?
FEliza Culshaw
BirthABT 1868
FElizabeth Culshaw
BirthABT 1853Farington
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) George Worden
BirthABT 1852Hutton, Lancashire
Death26 Jul 1930 Penwortham?
Marriage24 May 1877to Margery Culshaw at Farington, St.Paul
PARENT (F) Margery Culshaw
BirthABT 1855Farington, Lancshire
Death31 Dec 1920 Moss Farm, Penwortham?
Marriage24 May 1877to George Worden at Farington, St.Paul
FatherJames Culshaw
MotherMargaret Bradshaw
MAbel Worden
BirthABT Apr 1880Penwortham?
Death29 Oct 1880Penwortham, St.Mary
MErnest James Worden
Birth14 Aug 1887Penwortham?
Death11 Oct 1891Penwortham?
MGeorge Worden
BirthABT Jun 1882Penwortham?
Death27 Jun 1883Penwortham?
MHenry Worden
BirthABT Dec 1885Penwortham, Lancashire
Death30 Nov 1962Southport?
MarriageBET JAN AND MAR 1908to Sarah (Webb) at Preston (Reg District)
MJames Worden
BirthABT 1878Walton le Dale
Death23 Sep 1887Penwortham?
MLeonard Worden
Birth23 Jun 1892Penwortham?
Death3 Oct 1892Penwortham
FLucy Crook Worden
Birth6 Mar 1890Penwortham?
Death28 Jan 1892Penwortham?
FMargaret Alice Worden
Birth17 Sep 1883Penwortham, Lancashire
Marriageto John Heywood
MThomas Worden
Birth13 May 1889Penwortham, Lancashire
MWilliam Worden
BirthABT May 1879Walton le Dale
DeathABT Nov 1918Penwortham?
Marriage1 Jun 1904to Kate Clarke at Penwortham
Descendancy Chart
Margery Culshaw b: ABT 1855 d: 31 Dec 1920
George Worden b: ABT 1852 d: 26 Jul 1930
Abel Worden b: ABT Apr 1880 d: 29 Oct 1880
Ernest James Worden b: 14 Aug 1887 d: 11 Oct 1891
George Worden b: ABT Jun 1882 d: 27 Jun 1883
Henry Worden b: ABT Dec 1885 d: 30 Nov 1962
Sarah (Webb) b: ABT 1883 d: 24 Apr 1956
Henry James Worden b: ABT Nov 1920 d: ABT Dec 1920
James Worden b: ABT 1878 d: 23 Sep 1887
Leonard Worden b: 23 Jun 1892 d: 3 Oct 1892
Lucy Crook Worden b: 6 Mar 1890 d: 28 Jan 1892
Margaret Alice Worden b: 17 Sep 1883 d: UNKNOWN
John Heywood d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Worden b: 13 May 1889 d: UNKNOWN
William Worden b: ABT May 1879 d: ABT Nov 1918
Kate Clarke b: ABT 1881 d: UNKNOWN
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