Louisa Vousdon

Louisa Vousdon
b: 31 Jan 1849
  • 31 Jan 1849 - Birth - ; Walworth, Surrey
  • DECEASED - Death -
William Vousdon
ABT 1816 - 25 Oct 1872
Louisa Vousdon
31 Jan 1849 - DECEASED
Robert Fiveash
ABT 1804 - BET APR AND JUN 1868
Louisa Fiveash
29 Jun 1823 - 27 Jan 1884
Elizabeth Joynson Okell
12 Apr 1802 - 22 Feb 1879
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Vousdon
BirthABT 1816Middlesex
Death25 Oct 1872 West Ham, Essex (Reg District)
Marriage7 Jul 1845to Louisa Fiveash at St Mary, Lambeth
PARENT (F) Louisa Fiveash
Birth29 Jun 1823Walworth
Death27 Jan 1884 West Ham, Essex (Reg District)
Marriage7 Jul 1845to William Vousdon at St Mary, Lambeth
FatherRobert Fiveash
MotherElizabeth Joynson Okell
FCharlotte Vousdon
Birth6 Mar 1856Camberwell, Surrey
Death26 Feb 194128 Brandville Gardens, Ilford, Essex
Marriage5 Jun 1876to Charles Healing at St George the Martyr, Southwark
FEliza Vousdon
Birth23 Feb 1866Stratford, Essex
Marriage16 Jun 1890to Charles Henry Bromley
FElizabeth Vousdon
Birth23 Apr 1853Lambeth or Camberwell, Surrey
Marriage8 Aug 1877to Samuel Healing at Saint Thomas, Stepney
FEmma Vousdon
Birth6 Aug 1863Stratford, Essex
Marriage12 Jul 1885to Arthur Keep
MHenry Vousdon
Birth3 Feb 1861Stratford, Essex
Death25 Mar 1901West Ham (Reg District)
FLouisa Vousdon
Birth31 Jan 1849Walworth, Surrey
Marriage3 Jul 1871to John Valder
MWilliam John Vousdon
Birth14 May 1846Camberwell, Surrey
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Valder
Birth11 Aug 18461 Salters Alley, St George in the East, Middlesex
Marriage3 Jul 1871to Louisa Vousdon
PARENT (F) Louisa Vousdon
Birth31 Jan 1849Walworth, Surrey
Marriage3 Jul 1871to John Valder
FatherWilliam Vousdon
MotherLouisa Fiveash
FElizabeth Valder
Birth21 Nov 1876Shadwell, Middx.
Death3 Nov 1970Ilford
Marriage16 Jun 1900to Albert William Bates at Stepney Parish Church
MErnest Valder
BirthABT 1879Mile End Old Town
MHenry Valder
BirthABT Feb 1881Mile End Old Town
FLouisa Ann Valder
BirthABT 1873St.Georges, Middx.
MWilliam Herbert Valder
Birth14 Nov 1874St.Georges, Middx.
Marriage25 Dec 1897to Emily Boxall
Descendancy Chart
Louisa Vousdon b: 31 Jan 1849 d: DECEASED
John Valder b: 11 Aug 1846 d: DECEASED
Elizabeth Valder b: 21 Nov 1876 d: 3 Nov 1970
Albert William Bates b: 4 Mar 1877 d: 19 Oct 1949
John Gordon Bates b: 17 Jan 1906 d: 1 Jun 1992
Irene Doris Scantlin b: 1 Oct 1906 d: 22 Mar 1972
Leonard Walter Bates b: 26 Apr 1908 d: 29 May 1990
Daisy Florence Slipper b: 16 Apr 1910 d: 22 May 1989
Margaret Ann Bates b: 29 May 1937 d: 1 Jan 1984
Muriel Bates b: 29 Mar 1919 d: May 1994
James Walter Mead b: 28 Jan 1920 d: Feb 2003
Winifred Bates b: 25 Sep 1910 d: 27 Mar 1993
Sidney John Lamborn b: 5 Dec 1910 d: 17 Nov 1976
Ernest Valder b: ABT 1879 d: DECEASED
Henry Valder b: ABT Feb 1881 d: DECEASED
Louisa Ann Valder b: ABT 1873 d: DECEASED
William Herbert Valder b: 14 Nov 1874 d: DECEASED
Emily Boxall d: DECEASED
Elsie Emily Valder b: 26 Nov 1898 d: DECEASED
William John Valder b: 4 Jun 1901 d: DECEASED
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