Louisa Matthews

Louisa Matthews
b: ABT 1826
d: AFT 1881
  • ABT 1826 - Birth - ; Hornsey or St Lukes, Middx
  • AFT 1881 - Death -
James Matthews
Louisa Matthews
ABT 1826 - AFT 1881
Lucy Wildman
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Matthews
BirthAFT 1806Middlesex
Marriage21 Nov 1825to Lucy Wildman at St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury
PARENT (F) Lucy Wildman
BirthABT 1804London
Marriage21 Nov 1825to James Matthews at St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury
FLouisa Matthews
BirthABT 1826Hornsey or St Lukes, Middx
DeathAFT 1881
Marriage12 Jul 1841to William Holliday at o Cripplegate, London
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Holliday
BirthABT 1818Richmond, Surrey or Ireland
Death5 Aug 1874 St Bartholomew's Hospital, London
Marriage12 Jul 1841to Louisa Matthews at o Cripplegate, London
FatherJohn Holliday
MotherMary Heritage
PARENT (F) Louisa Matthews
BirthABT 1826Hornsey or St Lukes, Middx
DeathAFT 1881
Marriage12 Jul 1841to William Holliday at o Cripplegate, London
FatherJames Matthews
MotherLucy Wildman
MCharles Holliday
Birth20 Jan 18643 Charles Court, Hull Street, St.Lukes
Death12 Jul 1915Shoreditch Infirmary, Shoreditch
Marriage18 May 1890to Alice Butler at St.James Great, Bethnal Green
FEllen Maria Holliday
Birth20 Jul 1853St. Lukes, Finsbury, Middlesex
FEmily Sophia Holliday
Birth4 Jul 1852St. Lukes, Finsbury, Middlesex
Marriage3 Jan 1875to William Goodman at St.Bride, Fleet Street
MFrederick William Holliday
Birth6 Mar 1856St. Lukes, Finsbury, Middlesex
MarriageUNKNOWNto Eliza Ann McKinley
MGeorge Holliday
Birth7 Feb 1850St. Luke, Finsbury, Middx.
MHenry Holliday
Birth10 May 1862Spitalfields, Middx
MJames Holliday
Birth12 Nov 1843St. Luke, Finsbury, Middx.
MJohn Holliday
Birth1 Jun 1848St. Luke, Finsbury, Middx.
FLouisa Matilda Holliday
BirthABT 1842St Luke's, Finsbury
FLucy Holliday
Birth26 Feb 18615, Bell Alley, Goswell Street, London
MReuben Holliday
Birth12 Aug 1858St. Lukes, Finsbury, Middlesex
Marriage21 May 1888to Alice Mason at St Thomas, Bethnal Greeen
MWalter Holliday
Birth6 Apr 1866Red Lion Market, St Lukes, Middlesex
Marriage14 Feb 1889to Caroline Dick at Holy Trinity, Hoxton
Descendancy Chart
Louisa Matthews b: ABT 1826 d: AFT 1881
William Holliday b: ABT 1818 d: 5 Aug 1874
Charles Holliday b: 20 Jan 1864 d: 12 Jul 1915
Alice Butler b: ABT 1867 d: 29 Sep 1935
Alice Louisa Holliday b: 18 Oct 1891 d: 25 Jan 1982
George William Smith b: 15 Dec 1886 d: 18 Feb 1940
Alice Dorothy Ophelia Smith b: 8 Nov 1918 d: 23 Sep 1990
Iris Marie Louise Smith b: 23 Sep 1921 d: 5 Mar 2004
John Frederick Holloway b: 11 Apr 1912 d: 2 Mar 1982
Frederick Holliday b: 23 Mar 1905 d: AFT 1960
John Holliday b: 19 Aug 1899 d: UNKNOWN
Sidney Holliday b: 20 Sep 1901 d: BET JUL AND SEP 1902
Ellen Maria Holliday b: 20 Jul 1853 d: UNKNOWN
Emily Sophia Holliday b: 4 Jul 1852 d: UNKNOWN
William Goodman b: ABT 1850 d: UNKNOWN
Frederick William Holliday b: 6 Mar 1856 d: UNKNOWN
Eliza Ann McKinley b: 24 Sep 1851 d: UNKNOWN
Charles Reuben Holliday b: 13 Feb 1886 d: UNKNOWN
Ellen Janet Robina Holliday b: 14 Aug 1879 d: 6 Jul 1958
Alfred Walter Biles b: 4 Aug 1877 d: 24 Feb 1922
Alfred Roy Biles b: 5 Mar 1905 d: 10 Dec 1984
Clare Davis b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Leith Sheridan Biles b: 21 Feb 1945 d: 9 Nov 1999
Bernice Joy Biles b: 5 Aug 1907 d: UNKNOWN
Dacia Helen Biles b: 15 Sep 1919 d: 9 Dec 2005
Eric Ronald Biles b: 14 Jan 1913 d: UNKNOWN
Gordon Lawson Biles b: 11 Feb 1912 d: 22 Nov 1994
Mercy Patteson b: 14 Oct 1913 d: 12 Apr 1996
Mercia Grace Biles b: 24 Oct 1903 d: 14 Jan 1983
William Edward Hoskin b: 10 Mar 1901 d: 19 Dec 1987
Verdun Murray Biles b: 1917 d: 17 Aug 1944
Female Holliday b: BEF 1879 d: BEF 1879
William Patrick Holliday b: 29 Jan 1882 d: UNKNOWN
Lucy Watson b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
George Holliday b: 7 Feb 1850 d: UNKNOWN
Henry Holliday b: 10 May 1862 d: UNKNOWN
James Holliday b: 12 Nov 1843 d: UNKNOWN
John Holliday b: 1 Jun 1848 d: UNKNOWN
Louisa Matilda Holliday b: ABT 1842 d: UNKNOWN
Lucy Holliday b: 26 Feb 1861 d: UNKNOWN
Reuben Holliday b: 12 Aug 1858 d: UNKNOWN
Alice Mason b: ABT 1868 d: UNKNOWN
Alice Emily Holliday b: 18 May 1891 d: UNKNOWN
Henry William Holliday b: 27 Jul 1892 d: UNKNOWN
Walter Holliday b: 6 Apr 1866 d: UNKNOWN
Caroline Dick b: BET OCT AND DEC 1859 d: UNKNOWN
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