Herbert Edward Sayer

Herbert Edward Sayer
b: 19 Jan 1871
d: 9 Jul 1934
  • 19 Jan 1871 - Birth - ; Bungay, Suffolk?
  • 19 Feb 1871 - Baptism - ; Bungay Holy Trinity
  • 9 Jul 1934 - Death - ; 77a Highgate Hill
Manning Sayer
ABT 1806 - 30 Sep 1866
Samuel John Sayer
17 Apr 1833 - 25 Feb 1909
Elizabeth Pierson
ABT 1805 - 1843
Herbert Edward Sayer
19 Jan 1871 - 9 Jul 1934
Ellen Smith
22 Aug 1830 - 11 Jul 1904
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Samuel John Sayer
Birth17 Apr 1833Bungay
Death25 Feb 1909 Bungay
Marriage14 Apr 1857to Ellen Smith at Earsham Parish Church, Norfolk
FatherManning Sayer
MotherElizabeth Pierson
PARENT (F) Ellen Smith
Birth22 Aug 1830Ditchingham, Norfolk
Death11 Jul 1904
Marriage14 Apr 1857to Samuel John Sayer at Earsham Parish Church, Norfolk
FAda Elizabeth Sayer
Marriage24 May 1891to Samuel John Barker
FAlice Rebecca Sayer
Birth22 Aug 1873Bungay, Suffolk?
Death2 Nov 1877Bungay, Suffolk?
MArthur Albert Sayer
Birth12 Mar 1877Bungay, Suffolk?
Death22 Nov 1877Bungay, Suffolk?
MBarney Samuel Sayer
Birth20 Oct 1865Bungay, Suffolk
Death23 Sep 1943Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Marriage22 Apr 1889to Amy Watson at Bungay, Suffolk
FEmeleanor Sarah Ann Sayer
Birth26 Oct 1862Bungay, Suffolk?
Death24 Nov 1862Bungay, Suffolk?
FEmeleanor Sarah Ann Sayer
Birth27 Oct 1861Bungay, Suffolk?
Death27 Jan 1862Bungay, Suffolk?
MFrederick Benjamin Sayer
Birth26 Nov 1875Bungay, Suffolk
Death25 Sep 1965
Marriageto Lucy Lavinia Woods
MHerbert Edward Sayer
Birth19 Jan 1871Bungay, Suffolk?
Death9 Jul 193477a Highgate Hill
Marriageto B G Unknown
FJessevina Matilda Sayer
Birth2 May 1872Bungay, Suffolk?
Death26 Apr 1877Bungay, Suffolk?
FJulia Ellen Sayer
Birth21 Mar 1860Bungay, Suffolk
Marriage29 Oct 1882to William Charles Hawes at Bungay Trinity, Suffolk
FLaura Ann Maria Sayer
Birth1 Sep 1867Bungay, Suffolk
Marriageto Walter John Hardingham
MManning Edgar Sayer
Birth16 Nov 1857Bungay, Suffolk?
Death6 Jan 1868Bungay, Suffolk?
MRobert William Sayer
Birth10 Dec 1863Bungay, Suffolk
Death19 Dec 1948Hindringham, Norfolk
Marriage24 Jun 1888to Ann Elizabeth Dixon at Hindringham, Norfolk
MWilliam Edgar Sayer
BirthABT May 1869Bungay, Suffolk?
Death20 Feb 1870Bungay, Suffolk?
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Herbert Edward Sayer
Birth19 Jan 1871Bungay, Suffolk?
Death9 Jul 1934 77a Highgate Hill
Marriageto B G Unknown
FatherSamuel John Sayer
MotherEllen Smith
PARENT (F) B G Unknown
DeathAFT 9 Jul 1934 Believed to be v soon after husband (double funeral)
Marriageto Herbert Edward Sayer
Descendancy Chart
Herbert Edward Sayer b: 19 Jan 1871 d: 9 Jul 1934
B G Unknown d: AFT 9 Jul 1934
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