Henry Jacobson

Henry Jacobson
b: ABT 1690
d: May 1760
  • ABT 1690 - Birth -
  • May 1760 - Burial - ; St.Helier, Jersey
  • May 1760 - Death - ; Jersey
Esco Jacobson
- BEF 4 Aug 1728
Henry Jacobson
ABT 1690 - May 1760
Mary N k
- BEF 4 Nov 1747
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Esco Jacobson
DeathBEF 4 Aug 1728 St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney(?)
Marriageto Mary N k
PARENT (F) Mary N k
DeathBEF 4 Nov 1747 St George in the East, London (?)
Marriageto Esco Jacobson
FAvis Jacobson
BirthABT 1692Unknown (assumed London)
DeathABT Jun 1765London (assumed).
MarriageBEF Apr 1746to Nk Kimble
Marriage2 Apr 1718to Jonah Stevens at Allhallows, London Wall
MEsco Jacobson
DeathApr 1744St George in the East, London, England (?)
MarriageABT 1718to Susannah (Rogers) at Rochester, Kent?
MHenry Jacobson
BirthABT 1690
DeathMay 1760Jersey
MarriageBEF Sep 1712to Magdalen Dorey
MJames Jacobson
BirthABT 1692Unknown
DeathBEF Jun 1759Peckham?
Marriage5 Jul 1722to Mary Mitchell at St.Benet, Pauls Wharf
FJane Jacobson
BirthBEF Aug 1728
Marriageto Nk Garrett
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Henry Jacobson
BirthABT 1690
DeathMay 1760 Jersey
MarriageBEF Sep 1712to Magdalen Dorey
FatherEsco Jacobson
MotherMary N k
PARENT (F) Magdalen Dorey
BirthABT 1690
Death8 Jul 1764 St.Helier, Jersey
MarriageBEF Sep 1712to Henry Jacobson
FElizabeth Jacobson
BirthBEF Oct 1716St.Helier, Jersey
DeathAFT Jun 1787
Marriage14 Apr 1768to Edward Le Maistre at St.Helier, Jersey
MEscoe Jacobson
BirthBEF Sep 1712
DeathApr 1760St.Helier, Jersey
FEsther Jacobson
BirthBEF Jun 1714St.Helier, Jersey
DeathBEF Jul 1789St.Helier, Jersey
MHenry Jacobson
BirthBEF Jun 1719St.Helier, Jersey
Death3 Nov 1720St.Helier, Jersey
MJohn Jacobson
BirthBEF Dec 1723St.Helier, Jersey
Death14 Oct 1724St.Helier, Jersey
FMagdalen Jacobson
BirthBEF May 1721St.Helier, Jersey
DeathJun 1781St.Helier, Jersey
FMary Jacobson
BirthBEF Aug 1715St.Helier, Jersey
DeathBEF 16 Sep 1715St.Helier, Jersey
FMary Jacobson
BirthBEF Dec 1717St.Helier, Jersey
DeathDec 1786St.Helier, Jersey
Marriage9 Sep 1764to Theophilus Meajor at of St.Helier, St.Helier, Jersey
MPhillip Jacobson
BirthBEF 25 Feb 1729St.Helier, Jersey
Descendancy Chart
Henry Jacobson b: ABT 1690 d: May 1760
Magdalen Dorey b: ABT 1690 d: 8 Jul 1764
Elizabeth Jacobson b: BEF Oct 1716 d: AFT Jun 1787
Edward Le Maistre d: AFT Jun 1787
Escoe Jacobson b: BEF Sep 1712 d: Apr 1760
Esther Jacobson b: BEF Jun 1714 d: BEF Jul 1789
Henry Jacobson b: BEF Jun 1719 d: 3 Nov 1720
John Jacobson b: BEF Dec 1723 d: 14 Oct 1724
Magdalen Jacobson b: BEF May 1721 d: Jun 1781
Mary Jacobson b: BEF Aug 1715 d: BEF 16 Sep 1715
Mary Jacobson b: BEF Dec 1717 d: Dec 1786
Theophilus Meajor d: BEF Dec 1786
Phillip Jacobson b: BEF 25 Feb 1729 d: UNKNOWN
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