Harriett Cowburn

Harriett Cowburn
b: 18 Oct 1892
d: 25 Aug 1985
  • 18 Oct 1892 - Birth - ; Leyland?
  • 29 Oct 1902 - Baptism - ; Leyland St. James
  • Aug 1985 - Burial - ; Leyland St. James
  • 25 Aug 1985 - Death - ; Preston & South Ribble (Reg District)
James Cowburn
ABT 1810 - BEF Apr 1891
Moses Cowburn
ABT 1859 - 9 Jun 1945
Elizabeth Cowling
Harriett Cowburn
18 Oct 1892 - 25 Aug 1985
Ralph Langton
ABT 1833 - 26 Oct 1902
Margaret Alice Langton
ABT 1862 - 14 Oct 1956
Jane Culshaw
24 Mar 1838 - 28 Feb 1912
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Moses Cowburn
BirthABT 1859Leyland, Lancashire
Death9 Jun 1945 Leyland?
Marriage4 Nov 1883to Margaret Alice Langton at Leyland, St. James
FatherJames Cowburn
MotherElizabeth Cowling
PARENT (F) Margaret Alice Langton
BirthABT 1862Longton
Death14 Oct 1956 Leyland?
Marriage4 Nov 1883to Moses Cowburn at Leyland, St. James
FatherRalph Langton
MotherJane Culshaw
FAmelia Cowburn
BirthABT 1889Leyland
Death13 Jan 1966Leyland?
Marriage30 Sep 1914to William Mayor at Leyland, St. James
FEdith Cowburn
BirthABT 1897Leyland
Death22 Apr 1968
Marriage31 Jan 1920to James Haydock at Leyland St. Andrew
FEleanor Cowburn
BirthABT 1888Leyland
Death27 Mar 1961Leyland?
Marriage27 Jun 1910to Robert Banister at Leyland, St. James
FElizabeth Cowburn
Birth6 Nov 1907Leyland?
Death4 Mar 1936
MFrank Cowburn
Birth21 Jul 1894Leyland?
DeathJan 1986Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
Marriage21 Mar 1925to Annie Matthewman at Leyland St. Andrew
Marriage20 Jul 1946to Ethel Parr at Leyland, St.James
MFrederick Cowburn
Birth2 Jul 1886Leyland
DeathBET APR AND JUN 1971Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1911to Ellen Alice Harrison at St Andrew, Leyland, Lancashire
FHarriett Cowburn
Birth18 Oct 1892Leyland?
Death25 Aug 1985Preston & South Ribble (Reg District)
Marriage15 Feb 1926to Edgar Marston at Leyland, St.James
FJane Cowburn
BirthABT 1887Leyland?
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1888Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
FMargaret Alice Cowburn
Birth3 Jan 1896Leyland?
Death3 Dec 1989Leyland?
Marriage1 Mar 1924to William Forshaw at Leyland, St. James
FMary Cowburn
Birth16 Sep 1901Leyland?
Death18 Aug 1986Leyland?
Marriage21 Apr 1923to Peter Campbell at Leyland, St.James
MPeter Cowburn
BirthABT 1884Leyland
Death30 Jan 1960Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET APR AND JUN 1911to Lily Beardsworth at St Ambrose, Leyland, Lancashire
MRalph Cowburn
Birth29 Aug 1892Leyland?
Death21 May 1972Leyland?
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1915to Marian Marie Ravenscroft at Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
FRuth Cowburn
BirthABT 1899Leyland?
DeathBET JUL AND SEP 1900Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
MThomas Cowburn
Birth9 Mar 1904Leyland?
DeathNov 1992Blackpool & Fylde, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET JAN AND MAR 1930to Evelyn Georgina Taylor at Fylde, Lancashire (Reg District)
MWalter Cowburn
BirthABT 1890Leyland
Death3 Aug 1966Leyland?
Marriage28 Jun 1919to Ruth Cookson at Leyland, St. James
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Edgar Marston
BirthABT 1902
Death7 Jan 1977
Marriage15 Feb 1926to Harriett Cowburn at Leyland, St.James
PARENT (F) Harriett Cowburn
Birth18 Oct 1892Leyland?
Death25 Aug 1985 Preston & South Ribble (Reg District)
Marriage15 Feb 1926to Edgar Marston at Leyland, St.James
FatherMoses Cowburn
MotherMargaret Alice Langton
Descendancy Chart
Harriett Cowburn b: 18 Oct 1892 d: 25 Aug 1985
Edgar Marston b: ABT 1902 d: 7 Jan 1977
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