George Fiveash

George Fiveash
b: 11 Sep 1856
d: 17 Aug 1908
  • 11 Sep 1856 - Birth - ; St Mary, Newington, Surrey
  • 17 Aug 1908 - Death -
Robert Fiveash
ABT 1804 - BET APR AND JUN 1868
George Fiveash
10 Jul 1832 - 19 Jul 1873
Elizabeth Joynson Okell
12 Apr 1802 - 22 Feb 1879
George Fiveash
11 Sep 1856 - 17 Aug 1908
Martha Jane Sears
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) George Fiveash
Birth10 Jul 1832St Mary Newington, Surrey
Death19 Jul 1873
Marriage7 Feb 1856to Martha Jane Sears
FatherRobert Fiveash
MotherElizabeth Joynson Okell
PARENT (F) Martha Jane Sears
BirthABT 1836Maidstone, Kent
Marriageto William? Cook
Marriage7 Feb 1856to George Fiveash
FCaroline Fiveash
Birth31 May 1862Newington
Marriage5 Jun 1881to William Robert Vanderpump at St Peter, Walworth
Marriageto Phillip Grice
FEllen Fiveash
BirthABT 1875Newington, Surrey
FEmily Fiveash
Birth2 Aug 1858St Mary Newington, Surrey
Marriage7 Feb 1877to Joseph Duke
MFrank Fiveash
BirthABT 1869Newington, Surrey
MFrederick Fiveash
Birth2 Apr 1869Newington, London
Marriage2 Apr 1893to Matilda Mary Palmer at St Saviour Southwark (Reg District)
MGeorge Fiveash
Birth11 Sep 1856St Mary, Newington, Surrey
Death17 Aug 1908
Marriage31 Oct 1880to Mary Ann Taunton
FLouisa Fiveash
Birth4 Jun 1873Newington, Surrey
Marriage29 May 1893to William John Fruin at St Saviour Southwark (Reg District)
FMartha Jane Fiveash
Birth24 Sep 1864
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1891St Saviour, Southwark (Reg District)
Marriage11 Jul 1880to Charles Moakes at Greenwich (Reg District)
MMartin Fiveash
Birth25 Oct 1866Newington, Surrey
Marriage19 Oct 1885to Amelia Exall at St Saviour Southwark (Reg District)
FMatilda Fiveash
Birth6 Apr 1871Newington, Surrey
DeathBET APR AND JUN 1892St Saviour, Southwark (Reg District)
Marriage27 May 1888to John Connolly
FMatilda Jane Fiveash
BirthBET OCT AND DEC 1860Newington
DeathBET APR 1861 AND MAR 1871
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) George Fiveash
Birth11 Sep 1856St Mary, Newington, Surrey
Death17 Aug 1908
Marriage31 Oct 1880to Mary Ann Taunton
FatherGeorge Fiveash
MotherMartha Jane Sears
PARENT (F) Mary Ann Taunton
Marriage31 Oct 1880to George Fiveash
MFrederick Fiveash
Birth8 Aug 1890
MGeorge John Fiveash
Birth9 Sep 1882
Marriage25 Dec 1904to Grace Wiles
FMartha Jane Fiveash
Birth25 Feb 1886
Marriage1907to N k N k k
MMartin Fiveash
Birth28 Feb 1896Unknown
Death25 Aug 1946Unknown
Marriage1 Jan 1918to Maud Watson
FMary Ann Fiveash
Birth6 May 188133, Bronti Place, Walworth, London
Death20 Mar 1961
Marriage26 May 1901to Frederick Cato at All Saints, Kings Cross, London
MPercival Fiveash
Birth10 Jan 1900
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1980Islington (Reg District)
Marriage24 Jan 1920to Kate Keogh at St Pancras (Reg District)
Marriageto Margaret Keane
Descendancy Chart
George Fiveash b: 11 Sep 1856 d: 17 Aug 1908
Mary Ann Taunton d: DECEASED
Frederick Fiveash b: 8 Aug 1890 d: DECEASED
George John Fiveash b: 9 Sep 1882 d: DECEASED
Grace Wiles d: DECEASED
Martha Jane Fiveash b: 25 Feb 1886 d: DECEASED
N k N k k d: DECEASED
Martin Fiveash b: 28 Feb 1896 d: 25 Aug 1946
Maud Watson b: UNKNOWN d: DECEASED
Jack Fiveash b: 4 Jun 1921 d: 23 May 1998
Mary Ann Fiveash b: 6 May 1881 d: 20 Mar 1961
Frederick Cato b: 30 Oct 1879 d: 15 Nov 1955
Beatrice Maud Cato b: 18 Oct 1916 d: Sep 2000
Arthur Basire b: BET JUL AND SEP 1914 d: 21 Nov 1959
Horace Gentil b: 31 Mar 1904 d: BET APR AND JUN 1980
Edward Cato b: 26 Dec 1907 d: May 1986
May Watson d: 1993
George Cato b: 13 Mar 1904 d: 15 Sep 1994
Nora Bell d: BEF 1956
John Cato b: 30 Dec 1909 d: 18 Sep 1911
Mary Cato b: 28 Oct 1905 d: 15 Jun 1987
Thomas Walter William Clark b: 23 Jul 1903 d: 20 Apr 1994
Percival Fiveash b: 10 Jan 1900 d: BET JAN AND MAR 1980
Kate Keogh d: Mar 1993
Edward W Fiveash b: BET JAN AND MAR 1925 d: BET JAN AND MAR 1927
Margaret Keane b: ABT 1897 d: BET OCT AND DEC 1955
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