Ellen Swift

Ellen Swift
b: BEF 3 Jul 1889
  • BEF 3 Jul 1889 - Birth - ; Charnock Richard, Lancashire
  • 7 Mar 1889 - Baptism - ; Charnock Richard, Christs Church
  • UNKNOWN - Death -
Henry Swift
BEF 6 Oct 1861 - 22 Nov 1937
Ellen Swift
BEF 3 Jul 1889 - UNKNOWN
Peter Culshaw
19 Feb 1830 - 1 Sep 1913
Maria Culshaw
24 Jun 1859 - 24 Jan 1952
Ellen Eastham
ABT 1828 - 6 Jan 1885
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Henry Swift
BirthBEF 6 Oct 1861Euxton, Lancashire
Death22 Nov 1937 Leyland?
MarriageAFT 26 Feb 1884to Maria Culshaw
PARENT (F) Maria Culshaw
Birth24 Jun 1859Euxton
Death24 Jan 1952 Leyland Lane, Ulnes Walton
MarriageAFT 26 Feb 1884to Henry Swift
FatherPeter Culshaw
MotherEllen Eastham
FAlice Swift
Birth27 Aug 1903St Michaels on Wyle, Lancashire
Death20 Jul 1935Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET APR AND JUN 1933to Clifton Parr at Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
FCissy Swift
FEllen Swift
BirthBEF 3 Jul 1889Charnock Richard, Lancashire
MHenry Swift
BirthBEF 4 Mar 1888Charnock Richard, Lancashire
Death16 Jan 1952Leyland, St. Andrew?
MJames Swift
BirthBEF 7 Mar 1886Charnock Richard
FMargaret Swift
Birth16 Jun 1896Euxton, Lancashire
Death23 Apr 1983
FMaria Swift
Birth28 Sep 1894Euxton, Lancashire
Death10 Mar 1990
FMary Ann Swift
Birth20 Apr 1893Euxton, Lancashire
Death17 Mar 1974Amounderness, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1931to Roger Schofield at Preston (Reg District)
MPeter Swift
BirthBEF 5 Apr 1891Charnock Richard, Lancashire
Death14 Feb 1930
MRobert Swift
Birth17 Aug 1901Chorley (Reg District)
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1981Chorley (Reg District)
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1924to Alice Jane Birchall at Chorley, Lancashire (Reg District)
MRobert Swift
BirthABT 1901St Michael's, Lancashire
MThomas Swift
Birth16 Dec 1899St Michael's
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