Ellen Buck

Ellen Buck
b: ABT May 1860
d: ABT 1863
  • ABT May 1860 - Birth - ; Penwortham, Lancashire
  • ABT 1863 - Death - ; Longton, Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
William Buck
ABT 1794 - 14 Oct 1873
Henry Buck
ABT 1825 - 15 Mar 1882
Ann (Surname unknown)
ABT 1797 - 24 Apr 1863
Ellen Buck
ABT May 1860 - ABT 1863
Grace Burns
ABT 1823 - BET OCT AND DEC 1873
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Henry Buck
BirthABT 1825Penwortham, Lancashire
Death15 Mar 1882 Penwortham, Lancashire (assumed)
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1849to Grace Burns at Preston
FatherWilliam Buck
MotherAnn (Surname unknown)
PARENT (F) Grace Burns
BirthABT 1823Grinsargh, Preston, Lancashire
DeathBET OCT AND DEC 1873 Longton, Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
MarriageBET OCT AND DEC 1849to Henry Buck at Preston
FAnne Buck
BirthBET OCT AND DEC 1861Longton, Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
FElizabeth Buck
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1859Penwortham, Lancashire
Marriage12 Sep 1882to James Brindle at St Andrew, Ashton on Ribble, Lancashire
FEllen Buck
BirthABT May 1860Penwortham, Lancashire
DeathABT 1863Longton, Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
MHenry Buck
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1865Penwortham, Lancashire
Marriage9 Jul 1887to Eleanor Wignall at Christs Church, Preston, Lancashire
FIsabella Buck
BirthABT 1847Preston, Lancashire
MJames Burns Buck
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1853Penwortham, Lancashire
Marriage14 Oct 1875to Elizabeth Worden at Penwortham, Lancashire
FMargaret Jane Buck
BirthBET OCT AND DEC 1855Penwortham, Lancashire
DeathABT 1873Longton, Preston, Lancashire (Reg District)
FMary Buck
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1854Penwortham, Lancashire
Marriage2 Feb 1878to James Henry Evans at St Mark, Preston, Lancashire
MWilliam Burns Buck
BirthBET JAN AND MAR 1858Penwortham, Lancashire
Death23 May 1933Leyland?
Marriage15 Jun 1882to Margaret Ann Culshaw at St Paul, Farington
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