Eliza Ann Claringburn

Eliza Ann Claringburn
b: 19 Feb 1867
d: 30 Oct 1936
  • 19 Feb 1867 - Birth - ; Sneinton, Notts.
  • 25 Jan 1877 - Baptism - ; St.Nicholas, Nottingham
  • 30 Oct 1936 - Death - ; Nottingham (Assumed)
Joseph Augustus Claringburn
ABT Mar 1805 - 19 Apr 1849
Charles Claringburn
9 Feb 1836 - BET OCT AND DEC 1904
Frances Jackson
ABT 1804 - 15 Jul 1858
Eliza Ann Claringburn
19 Feb 1867 - 30 Oct 1936
Eliza Turner
ABT 1839 - 22 Apr 1914
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Claringburn
Birth9 Feb 1836Radford, Notts.
DeathBET OCT AND DEC 1904 Nottingham (Reg District)
Marriage30 Oct 1860to Eliza Turner at St Mary, Nottingham
FatherJoseph Augustus Claringburn
MotherFrances Jackson
PARENT (F) Eliza Turner
BirthABT 1839Hyson Green, Nottinghamshire
Death22 Apr 1914
Marriage30 Oct 1860to Charles Claringburn at St Mary, Nottingham
MCharles Samuel Claringburn
Birth14 Jan 1862Sneinton, Notts.
Death4 Nov 1938Nottingham (Assumed)
MarriageBET JAN AND MAR 1886to Lucy Marriott at Nottingham
MEdwin Claringburn
Birth13 Apr 1869Sneinton, Notts.
Death19 Feb 1925
MarriageUNKNOWNto Agnes Cassidy
Marriageto Mary Jane Pacey
Marriage14 Jul 1897to Mary Jane Lambert at St James, Nottingham
FEliza Ann Claringburn
Birth19 Feb 1867Sneinton, Notts.
Death30 Oct 1936Nottingham (Assumed)
MFrank Claringburn
BirthABT 1865Sneinton, Notts.
Marriage15 Apr 1891to Annie Elizabeth Weldon at St Albans, Sneinton, Notts
FJane Claringburn
Birth18 Mar 1878Nottingham
FLucy Claringburn
BirthBEF Jan 1877
FPriscilla Claringburn
Birth4 Jun 1873Nottingham
Death6 Sep 1944Nottingham (Assumed)
MWilliam Claringburn
Birth19 Feb 1871Nottingham
DeathABT Jun 1935Mitcham, Surrey
MarriageBET APR AND JUN 1899to Mary Jane Hutchinson at Nottingham
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