Charles Maliphant

Charles Maliphant
b: ABT 1787
d: Jun 1864
  • ABT 1787 - Birth - ; Llansamlet, Glamorgan
  • 1858 - Burial -
  • Jun 1864 - Death - ; Liverpool Reg. Dist., England
Henry Maliphant
1 Mar 1724 - UNKNOWN
Charles Maliphant
ABT Dec 1754 - 28 Mar 1836
Ann William
Charles Maliphant
ABT 1787 - Jun 1864
Mary Williams
UNKNOWN - ABT Nov 1796
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Maliphant
BirthABT Dec 1754Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Death28 Mar 1836 White Rock, near Swansea, Wales
Marriage22 Dec 1781to Mary Williams at Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
FatherHenry Maliphant
MotherAnn William
PARENT (F) Mary Williams
DeathABT Nov 1796 Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
Marriage22 Dec 1781to Charles Maliphant at Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
FAnne Maliphant
Birth26 Oct 1782
Marriage28 May 1803to David Francis at Llansamlet, Carmarthenshire, Wales
MCharles Maliphant
BirthABT 1787Llansamlet, Glamorgan
DeathJun 1864Liverpool Reg. Dist., England
Marriage21 Jul 1818to Elizabeth Canning at Parish Church, Hempsted, Gloucester, England
MCharles Maliphant
BirthABT May 1784Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
DeathABT May 1785Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
MHenry Maliphant
BirthABT 1786Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Death23 Feb 1837foundered on the "Hussey", Carmarthen Bay, Wales
Marriage8 Sep 1817to Mary Richards Williams at Llansamlet, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
FJennet Maliphant
BirthABT May 1785Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
Marriage22 Nov 1807to Philip Richard at Parish Church, Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
MJohn Maliphant
BirthABT Jun 1788Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
FMary Maliphant
BirthABT Nov 1793Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
Marriage28 Mar 1815to David John at Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
FMary Maliphant
BirthABT Jul 1787Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
DeathABT Sep 1787Llansamlet, Glamorgan, Wales
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Charles Maliphant
BirthABT 1787Llansamlet, Glamorgan
DeathJun 1864 Liverpool Reg. Dist., England
Marriage21 Jul 1818to Elizabeth Canning at Parish Church, Hempsted, Gloucester, England
FatherCharles Maliphant
MotherMary Williams
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Canning
BirthABT 1789Frampton, Gloucestershire
Marriage21 Jul 1818to Charles Maliphant at Parish Church, Hempsted, Gloucester, England
FAnn Maliphant
Birth1819Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England
MCharles Maliphant
Marriage25 May 1845to Frances Harwood at St Bride's Church, Liverpool, England
FDinah Maliphant
BirthBET 1827 AND 1828Gloucestershire, England
FJane Maliphant
BirthABT 1831Gloucestershire, England
MarriageBEF Sep 1860to Robert Shildarell at Gloucester Reg. Dist., England
MJohn Godfrey Maliphant
BirthABT 1820Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Death24 Mar 1902Barton Terrace, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Marriage25 Jan 1846to Hannah Brown at St John's Church, Bedminster, Gloucestershire, England
FMary Maliphant
BirthABT 1825Gloucestershire, England
Descendancy Chart
Charles Maliphant b: ABT 1787 d: Jun 1864
Elizabeth Canning b: ABT 1789 d: UNKNOWN
Ann Maliphant b: 1819 d: UNKNOWN
Charles Maliphant b: 1823 d: UNKNOWN
Frances Harwood d: UNKNOWN
Anne Jane Maliphant b: 25 Jun 1846 d: BEF Sep 1851
Charles Maliphant b: ABT Jun 1848 d: UNKNOWN
John Maliphant b: ABT May 1850 d: Jun 1850
Dinah Maliphant b: BET 1827 AND 1828 d: UNKNOWN
Jane Maliphant b: ABT 1831 d: UNKNOWN
Robert Shildarell d: UNKNOWN
John Godfrey Maliphant b: ABT 1820 d: 24 Mar 1902
Hannah Brown b: ABT 1820 d: 1856
Ann Jane Maliphant b: BEF Dec 1848 d: UNKNOWN
Unknown Unknown d: UNKNOWN
Charles Godfrey Maliphant b: BEF Dec 1846 d: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth Maliphant b: BEF Dec 1852 d: 1862
Ellen Maliphant b: 1851 d: UNKNOWN
Richard Higginson d: UNKNOWN
George Henry Maliphant b: BEF Jun 1856 d: BEF Sep 1856
George Henry Robert Maliphant b: BEF Jun 1853 d: 1853
Henry Maliphant b: BEF Jun 1855 d: UNKNOWN
Maria Maliphant b: BEF Mar 1850 d: UNKNOWN
Mary Maliphant b: ABT 1825 d: UNKNOWN
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