Caroline Stafford Hunt

Caroline Stafford Hunt
b: ABT Oct 1850
  • ABT Oct 1850 - Birth - ; Bloomsbury, London
  • BET JAN AND MAR 1872 - Death - ; Marylebone (Reg District)
Thomas Hunt Rev.
1762 - 13 Oct 1844
Thomas Hunt Dr
18 Feb 1798 - 26 Nov 1879
Maria Edwards
ABT 1763 - 13 Mar 1848
Caroline Stafford Hunt
ABT Oct 1850 - BET JAN AND MAR 1872
James Colam
ABT 1770 - 18 Mar 1851
Martha Mary Colam
14 Jan 1808 - 11 Jan 1861
Esther Greenway
ABT 1781 - BEF 1 Feb 1848
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Hunt Dr
Birth18 Feb 1798Watford, Herts.
Death26 Nov 1879 17 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent
Marriage8 Aug 1827to Martha Mary Colam at St Sepulchre, Holborn
Marriage10 May 1864to Caroline Hall at Kensington
FatherThomas Hunt Rev.
MotherMaria Edwards
PARENT (F) Martha Mary Colam
Birth14 Jan 1808O St.Sepulchre, Middx., London
Death11 Jan 1861 23 Alfred Place, North St Giles, Middx
Marriage8 Aug 1827to Thomas Hunt Dr at St Sepulchre, Holborn
FatherJames Colam
MotherEsther Greenway
MArthur Ackland Hunt
Birth12 May 1841Herne Bay, Kent
Death19 Apr 1914Blackheath, Kent?
Marriage24 Jul 1879to Emma Sarah Blagg at St Giles, Cheadle, Staffs.
FCaroline Stafford Hunt
BirthABT Oct 1850Bloomsbury, London
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1872Marylebone (Reg District)
MEdward Jacobson Hunt
BirthBET JUL AND SEP 1852St Giles, Middlesex (Registration District)
DeathBET JAN AND MAR 1909Woolwich (registration District)
FEmily Hunt
Birth22 Apr 1828Herne Bay, Kent
DeathDec 1828Herne Bay, Kent
FEmily Teresa Hunt
BirthBET OCT AND DEC 1847Herne Bay, Kent
DeathAFT 7 Sep 1917
FEsther Maria Hunt
Birth8 Sep 1833Herne Bay
Death20 Jan 191143 Albany Street, London, N W
MGeorge Greenway Hunt
Birth29 Apr 1845Herne Bay, Kent
Death12 Mar 1913"Hughenden", Beaconsfield Road, St Albans, Herts
MarriageBET JAN AND MAR 1870to Elizabeth Jude Fremlin at Malling Reg. District, Kent
MJohn Hunt
BirthABT 1835Herne Bay
DeathBET 1873 AND 1884
FLouisa Hunt
Birth10 Jun 1829Herne Bay Terrace, Herne Bay, Kent
DeathBET OCT AND DEC 1903St Albans, Hertfordshire (Reg District)
Marriage11 Sep 1860to Thomas Geary at St.Giles in the Fields, Middlesex
FMary Elizabeth Hunt
BirthABT 1843Herne Bay
DeathAFT Jul 1884Unknown
FMatilda Hunt
Birth7 May 1831Herne Bay, Kent
Death19 Feb 1908Unknown
MThomas Hunt
BirthAFT Aug 1827Unknown
DeathABT 1875
MWilliam Hunt
BirthABT 1839Herne Bay, Kent
DeathBEF May 1862On board "Nourmahal", off Cape of Good Hope
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