Anne Elizabeth Dawkins

Anne Elizabeth Dawkins
b: ABT 1841
  • ABT 1841 - Birth - ; Kensington, Middlesex
  • DECEASED - Death -
Anne Elizabeth Dawkins
Family Group Sheet - Child
FAnne Elizabeth Dawkins
BirthABT 1841Kensington, Middlesex
Marriage21 Feb 1859to John Fiveash
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Fiveash
Birth10 Dec 1838Walworth, Surrey
Marriage21 Feb 1859to Anne Elizabeth Dawkins
FatherRobert Fiveash
MotherElizabeth Joynson Okell
PARENT (F) Anne Elizabeth Dawkins
BirthABT 1841Kensington, Middlesex
Marriage21 Feb 1859to John Fiveash
FElizabeth Fiveash
Birth20 Oct 1859Walworth, Surrey
Marriageto ?
Marriage13 Jun 1880to John Walter
MHenry James Fiveash
Birth4 Dec 1866Walworth, Surrey
DeathBET JUL AND SEP 1942Surrey Mid Eastern (Reg District)
Marriage23 Jan 1898to Mabel Maud Florence Powell at Walworth
MJohn Fiveash
Birth3 Jun 18642 Phelp Street, Walworth, Surrey
Marriage25 Dec 1890to Emma Ann Winsbury
MRobert Fiveash
Birth5 Nov 1869Walworth, Surrey
Marriage25 Dec 1891to Jane Eliza Mattingly
FSarah Fiveash
Birth22 Feb 1862Walworth, Surrey
Marriage20 Dec 1886to Arthur Davis
MarriageJun 1883to George William Hutton
Descendancy Chart
Anne Elizabeth Dawkins b: ABT 1841 d: DECEASED
John Fiveash b: 10 Dec 1838 d: DECEASED
Elizabeth Fiveash b: 20 Oct 1859 d: 1918
Joseph Kenby Fiveash b: 14 Dec 1879 d: 1941
Eliza Louisa Kate Beeston b: ABT 1882 d: ABT 1931
Elizabeth Fiveash b: 1901 d: 1985
Florence Doris Fiveash b: 1921 d: 1922
Jessie Fiveash b: 1907 d: 1910
John Fiveash b: 7 Oct 1910 d: Jun 1995
Bertha Webster b: 15 Mar 1905 d: Nov 1992
Robert Fiveash b: 1918 d: 1918
Rose Fiveash b: 1905 d: 1905
Violet Fiveash b: 1903 d: 1903
Violet May Parrott d: UNKNOWN
John Walter b: ABT 1859 d: UNKNOWN
Ada Maud Walter b: 31 May 1882 d: UNKNOWN
Robert John Clarn d: UNKNOWN
Rowland Alexander Walter b: 8 Nov 1892 d: UNKNOWN
William Reginald Walter b: 20 Jul 1887 d: UNKNOWN
Winifred Rosa Walter b: 21 Sep 1890 d: UNKNOWN
Henry James Fiveash b: 4 Dec 1866 d: BET JUL AND SEP 1942
Mabel Maud Florence Powell b: ABT 1877 d: BET APR AND JUN 1911
Henry James Fiveash b: 3 Oct 1898 d: UNKNOWN
Nellie Victoria Fiveash b: 12 Feb 1904 d: UNKNOWN
James Edwin Henry McCormack b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
John Fiveash b: 3 Jun 1864 d: 1911
Arthur Sidney Fiveash b: ABT 1896 d: 26 Sep 1915
Charles William Fiveash b: 2 Aug 1893 d: DECEASED
Florence Maud Whicheloe b: 3 Nov 1901 d: May 1996
Charles J Fiveash b: BET JUL AND SEP 1921 d: UNKNOWN
Doris Elizabeth Fiveash b: BET APR AND JUN 1924 d: UNKNOWN
Irene Maud Fiveash b: 5 Mar 1924 d: UNKNOWN
Florence Emma Elizabeth Fiveash b: 28 Jan 1899 d: DECEASED
William Jacobs d: DECEASED
William James Jacobs b: 15 Nov 1921 d: 4 Jan 1969
John Albert Fiveash b: 15 Oct 1891 d: DECEASED
Rose Annie Alice Fiveash b: 19 Apr 1901 d: UNKNOWN
Sidney Edward Fiveash b: 9 Mar 1910 d: Nov 1995
Ellen Maud Minty b: 10 Jul 1911 d: Dec 1992
Robert Fiveash b: 5 Nov 1869 d: DECEASED
Jane Eliza Mattingly b: ABT 1871 d: DECEASED
Frederick John Fiveash b: 24 Feb 1899 d: DECEASED
Herbert Edward Fiveash b: 29 Sep 1895 d: DECEASED
Elizabeth Pannell d: DECEASED
Marguerite Jennie Victoria Fiveash b: 6 Dec 1901 d: UNKNOWN
William George Ernest Parker b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Robert Henry Fiveash b: 8 May 1892 d: DECEASED
Emma Mary Ann Fenner b: BET APR AND JUN 1894 d: DECEASED
Dorothy May Fiveash b: 26 Aug 1917 d: 23 Sep 1996
Sarah Fiveash b: 22 Feb 1862 d: UNKNOWN
Arthur Davis d: UNKNOWN
Arthur Henry Davis b: 31 Jul 1895 d: UNKNOWN
George William Hutton d: BEF Dec 1886
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