Transcriptions of Primary Sources Relating to Joseph Collyer the Younger

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On this page you can see transcriptions of primary sources that we have used in our research into Joseph Collyer the Younger. The first of these is the Marriage licence Allegation that Joseph swore in 1775, before his marriage to Dulcybella Clayton. The Guildhall Library, London, source reference for this document is Ms10091/133.

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London Diocese

4th November

Appeared personally Joseph Collyer
and made Oath that he is of the Parish of
Saint James Clerkenwell in the County
of Middlesex a Batchelor aged twenty one years and upwards

and intendeth to marry with Dulcybella Clayton of the
same Parish Spinster a Minor aged
eighteen years and upwards (…) with the
Consent of George Clayton the natural and lawful
ffather of the said Minor satisfied by an Affidavit
duly sworn by him and her (…….) annexed

and that he knoweth of no lawful Impediment, by Reason of any Pre-
contract, Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other lawful Means whatso-
ever, to hinder the said intended Marriage and prayed a Licence to
solmenize the same in the Parish Church of Saint
James Clerkenwell aforesaid

and further made Oath that the usual Place of Abode for him the

hath been in the said Parish of St James Clerkenwell

for the space of four Weeks last past

Josh Collyer (signed)

Sworn before me

(D M J Peet?) (signed)

On the Attached Sheet

Appeared personally George Clayton of the City of

And made oath that he is the natural and lawful
Father of Dulcybella Clayton Spinster a Minor of the Age of
Eighteen years and upwards and that he is consenting to the
Intermarriage of the said Minor with Joseph Collyer of the
Parish of Saint James Clerkenwell in the County of Middlesex a

George Clayton (signed)

November 29th 1775
The said George Clayton was duly
sworn to the truth of the foregoing
before me ……

(Mr) Osborne (signed)(Master in Chancery Extor)
the City of Bristol
The second item on this page is a transcription of the Will of Joseph Collyer the Younger (1748-1827). The source reference for this document at The National Archives is Prob11/1737, q 226.

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The Last Will and Testament of me Joseph Collyer of Constitution Row in the Parish of St Pancras in the County of Middlesex Engraver ffirst I give and bequeath to my dear wife Mary Collyer all my yearly interest in the dividends arising from the English Stock of the Stationers Company and I give unto her all my household ffurniture Plate Linen China (…) books prints which are framed for ffurniture and wearing apparel likewise I give her the lease of my dwelling house. I give unto my eldest son Joseph Collyer of Holborn Hill in the Parish of Saint Andrews in trust my house in White Lion Street Pentonville in the Parish of St James Clerkenwell and all the Stock that I have standing in my name in the books of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England And direct that he shall pay the whole Rents and Dividends as they shall arise to my Wife during her Widowhood I likewise direct that if there shall be any property received from the Will of her late Uncle Mr (…..) Eden or from any other of her relations that the whole shall be paid to her for her sole use I likewise direct that all my unframed prints including my Private Collection and those I have on sale my Printing Press and all my Books which my wife may not wish to keep shall be sold by my executors and the produce applied to the payment of my ffuneral expenses and all other demands that may be made on my Estate. I direct that at the decease of my wife my eldest son Joseph Collyer shall receive the produce of the £400 share which I now possess in the English Stock of the Stationers Compy and sell my house in White Lion Street and all the Stock which I may sit possessed of in the ffunds and any other property I may leave And first pay himself and his brother George for any sums I may have received of them an account of which I shall leave in an book marked with the letter A and then divide the residue into four equal parts one of which he shall take for himself and pay the other three to his three brothers but if my son Joseph shall die before such sale and division shall be made I then direct that my second son John and my youngest son George shall receive my Stock in the Stationers Company and my property in the funds and sell my house in White Lion Street and after my son George has been paid for the money I have received of him as (required) in the book marked with the letter A they shall then divide the residue into three equal parts and pay one part to my son Robert and take the other two for themselves I nominate my wife Mary Collyer my Executrix and my Son Joseph Collyer my Executor of this my last Will and testament in witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of October in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Seven Joseph Collyer Witness Mary Eliz Cunningham 8 Constitution Row David Cunningham Robert Street Bedford Row

Proved at London the 4th March 1828 before the Worshipful James Chapman Doctor of Law and Surrogate by the oaths of Mary Collyer the Relict and Joseph Collyer the son the Executors to whom Admon was granted having been first duly sworn to Administer.

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