Joseph & Mary Mitchell Collyer Source Transcriptions

On this page are transcriptions of some primary sources, relevant to Joseph Collyer the Elder and his wife – Mary Mitchell, which we have come across during our research into this most interesting literary couple.

The first source is the record of Joseph’s entry into the Freedom of the City of London in February 1743/4, when he became Free of the Stationers’ Company by patrimony. It is held by the Corporation of London Record Office, CLRO source ref CF1/167, who have kindly given their permission for an image of the source to be displayed on this site. Click here to see this.

Chamber of London, (blank) Day of (blank)
17 (blank) Born (blank) the Liberty of the City, to wit, at Nottingham
Citizen and Stationer of London, came before the
Chamberlain the Day and Year aforesaid, and desired to be admitted
into the Freedom of this City by Patrimony in the said Company of
Stationers because he is legitimate, and was born after
the Admission of his Father into the said Freedom. The Admission of
his Father is entered in the Book marked with the Letter
and bears Date the 4 Day of Feb in the
8 Year of the Reign of K Wm 3d
and in the Year of our Lord 1696



Presented by THOMAS RIDGE Warden.

We declare the Oaths we severally took at the Time of
our Admission into the Freedom of this City, that JOSEPH
Citizen and Stationer of London; and that she was
born in lawful wedlock, after the Admission of her Father into the
Freedom of this City; That she is the Daur so reputed and taken to be,
and so we all say
JOHN SMITH Merc Taylors
Wm. CHAMBERLAIN Cordwainer
JOHN PAGE Framwork Knitters
JOHN TINGY Haberdasher
JOHN HOSE Cordwainer

The above has been typed as written on the document. The use of the female gender was an error by the person who wrote the document. .

Second Source
On the day of his marriage to Mary Mitchell, Joseph Collyer swore a Marriage Licence Allegation to obtain a Marriage Licence from the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Click here to see this source. Apologies for the darkness of this image. This was the best copy we could obtain. These records are held on microfilm at the Library of the Society of Genealogists, London, where the relevant entry was noted as follows:

28 September 1738

On which day appeared personally Joseph Collyer of the parish of St Mary La Bells
London aged twenty three years and upwards
A Batchelor and alledged that he intendeth to marry with Mary
Mitchell of the parish of St Catherine by the Tower aged twenty one years and
upwards spinster

Not knowing or believing any lawfull Let or Impediment by reason of
any Precontract Consanguinity Affinity or any other lawfull means whatsoever
to hinder the said intended Marriage of the truth of the premises he
made Oath and prayed Licence to solemnize the said Marriage in the Parish
Church of St Gregory or St Bennet near Pauls
Wharf London

Sworn before me Robt Chapman Surrogate (sig)

Joseph Collyer(sig)

Having obtained his marriage licence, Joseph made his way to the church of St Gregory by St Pauls, London, where he married Mary Mitchell. If you would like to see this record you can do so by clicking here. Once again, the image is rather dark, but it is readable. The following is a transcription:

Joseph Collyer of St Mary le Bow, Lond. Ba
Mary Mitchell of ye Precinct of St Katherines
nr the Tower, Sp





The following two sources concern the period in Joseph’s life when he had to claim Insolvent Debtors’ Relief, and spent some time in the Fleet Debtors’ Prison in London. The first is a notice that appeared in the issue of the London Gazette dated 29 July – 1 August 1749 (National Archives, Kew, Source Ref ZJI 45):

The under-mentioned persons claiming the Benefit of the Act lately passed for Relief of Insolvent Debtors, the following Notices have been brought to the Printer of the London Gazette, to be inserted in this Paper, and are here inserted in Obedience to the said Act. The following Persons being Fugitives for Debt, and beyond the seas on or before the first of January 1747, and having surrendered themselves to the Warden of the Prison of Fleet, London, hereby give notice that they intend to take the Benefit of the late Act of Parliament made in the Twenty first Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Second, intitled, An Act for Relief of Insolvent Debtors, at the next General or Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be held at Guildhall in and for the City of London, which shall happen next after Thirty Days from the Publication hereof, viz. William Stutley, late of Belton Street in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, in the County of Middlesex, Baker. Joseph Collyer, late of Ludgate-Street, London, Bookseller.

The second source was found at the Corporation of London Record Office, London, and is recorded as source ref DS13/9/2. It is a Schedule of the Real and Personal Estate of Joseph Collyer:

Words in brackets = unable to read.
* = Appears to be the same text in each case, unable to read.
Three sheets of paper, handwritten

Schedule of the Real and Personal Estate. Joseph Collyer, Bookseller.
To each and every the Creditor and Creditors of Joseph Collyer, late of Ludgate Street, London, Bookseller. These are to give you notice that the said Joseph Collyer hath left I copy of the Schedule of all his Real and Personal Estate unto his belonging, with me Sir William Smith Knight one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said City of London which he intends to make Oath of at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and hath also petitioned me, setting forth. That he was a Fugitve for Debt and beyond the seas on the first day of January 1747, in Foreign Part. and being since returned hath surrendered himself a Prisoner unto the Warden of the Fleet Prison and that he is intitled unto, and prays the Benefit of an Act of Parliament in the twenty first year of the Reign of his present Majesty, King George the Second intitled, An Act for Relief of Insolvent Debtors; that thereupon I have, by Warrant, under my Hand and Seal, Ordered and Required the Warden of the said Prison to bring the body of the said Joseph Collyer before his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace, at the said Sessions, which is to be held at Guildhall London on the fourth Day of September next, for the said City or the Adjournment thereof, which first shall happen to be held next after the Expiration of Thirty Days from the Date hereof, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, in order that he may then and there be released and discharged from his imprisonment, according to the Direction of the said Act of Parliament. Given under my Hand and Seal, the Thirty First Day of July 1749.

A list of the Names and Places of Abode of the Creditors of Joseph Collyer late of Ludgate Street London Bookseller who was on or before the First Day of January 1747 a Fugitive for Debt and Beyond the Seas in Foreign Parts and is now a prisoner in His Majesty’s Prison of the Fleet.

In Margin: 2 Augt. 1749

William (Sp.ahour) in New Street Shoo Lane Printer.
Thomas Osborne in Grays Inn Bookseller.
Conquest Lawson of Hatton Garden, Apothecary.
Edward Lowe at St.Johns Gate Clerkenwell. Printer.
Thomas (Kilshon) in Bartlett Street Clerkenwell Engraver.
Jacob J. Cliffe at London House in Aldersgate Street Printer.
William Kent in White Cross Street Shoomaker.
Mr. Long in Wood Street Tallow Chandler.
John Hose in Cheapside Shoomaker.
Joseph Styles in King Street Cheapside stationer.
James Waugh in Lombard Street Printer.
David Langton Upon London Bridge Upholsterer.
James Jacobson in King Street Tower Hill Broker.
William Hood in the same place Linnen Draper.
Samuel Wolburn in White Chappell Grocer. Mr. Norris (….) in Ivy Lane Bookbinder.
James Marriott in Ivy Lane Plumber.
Elizabeth Warren late of the same place (…..) (loft) with Daughter.*
Mrs. White in Newgate Market Butcher. Mr (Juppott) (Cr..od) same (….) (loft) with his sister.*
Thomas Field in Pater Noster Row Periwig Maker.
Mr.Bird in (C)rood Lane Bookbinder.
Ralph Griffiths in Ludgate Street Bookseller.
Francis Curry in Ludgate Street Haberdasher.
John Smith in Ludgate Street Grocer.
Mr.Brewer in Ludgate Street Stationer.
Mr.(Solkold) the Corner of the Old Bayley (…….).

In Margin: 3 Augt.

Mrs.Browning at Puddle Dock (Cole) Woman.
Wm. Hayden in Salisbury Court Printer.
John Jones in Flood Street Printer.
George Woodfall at Charing Cross Printer.
Francis Noble in Marling Court Bookseller.
Wm.Payne in Eagle Court (Shu.d) (and)
Olive Payne in Cecil Court in (Mashing) Lane.
John Brindley in New Bond Street Bookseller.

In Margin: 4 Augt.

Clement Jones late upon London Wall Decd. Left with his widow and John Moore in a Court off Bartholomew Lane Printer.

William Atkinson of the Parish of St Martins Ludgate in London Gentleman Maketh Oath and saith that he, this Deponent, did leave three copies of the Notice hereto annexed under the hand and seal of Sir Wm Smith Knight one of the JPs for the City of London at the Place of Abode of the above named and on the days mentioned in the margin.

James Jacobson, who features in the above list, was our direct ancestor.

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