Transcriptions of Taxation Sources Relating to John Bankes

The following are transcriptions of records relating to John Bankes which we traced in the taxation records at the Corporation of London Records Office, London.

Castle Baynard Ward Assessment 1688 (CLRO Assessment Box 33, Ms 17)

St Bennetts

John Bankes and Tenant £0 0s 6d Landlord £0 2s 6d


Castle Baynard Tax Assessment, 1689 (CLRO Assessment Box 26, Ms 9)

6 Months Tax 2nd Quarter

Jno Bankes Tenant £0 1s 6d Landlord £0 6s 8d


Castle Baynard Ward Poll Tax Assessment, 1690 (CLRO Assessment Box 20, Ms13)

St Bennetts Parish

Jno Bankes, wife, 1ch, 3 Servants, Rent & Money £1 16s 0d

Information from J. Alexander’s Thesis Economic and Social Structure of London 1700
Based on poll tax assessment for Castle Baynard ward 1692 (CLRO ref. Assessment Box 22.3]

The Tax District:Castle Baynard

The Page number of the original poll tax: 19

The Status of the individual in the poll tax: Mr

Their last name: Bankes

The trade of the individual: Carpenter

The code given to each individual trade: Building

The quarterly levy imposed by the poll tax to individual: 11 Shillings

Residential status: Householder

The total quarterly tax payment the individual was responsible for: 16 Shillings

Wife: 1

Sons: 0

Daughters: 0

Children where no name or sex is given:1

Male Servants: 2

Female Servants: 1

Apprentices: 0

Castle Baynard Ward Window Tax Assessment, 1696 ( (CLRO source ref Assessment Box 37, ms6)

St Bennetts Parish

John Bankes 20 Windows £0 10s 0d

Castle Baynard Ward Land Tax 1698 (CLRO source ref Assessment Box 29, ms7)

The Second Division – St Bennetts Parish

Mr Bankes Empty House Landlord £0 15s 0d Tenant £0 0s 0d

John Bankes £15 0s 0d Tenant £1 16s 0d

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