Rachel M Heppell

Rachel M Heppell
b: ABT 1877
  • ABT 1877 - Birth - ; New York, USA
  • UNKNOWN - Death - ; Unknown
Richard Bryan Heppell
29 Dec 1812 - BET JUL AND SEP 1861
Richard William George Heppell
BET JUL AND SEP 1838 - 30 May 1901
Ann Maria Holt
ABT 1817 - 21 Feb 1886
Rachel M Heppell
Harriet Sarah Houghton
8 Aug 1843 - 29 Apr 1923
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Richard William George Heppell
BirthBET JUL AND SEP 1838Islington (Reg District)
Death30 May 1901 Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, New York, USA
Marriage25 Dec 1865to Harriet Sarah Houghton at St Pancras Parish Church, London
FatherRichard Bryan Heppell
MotherAnn Maria Holt
PARENT (F) Harriet Sarah Houghton
Birth8 Aug 1843Unknown
Death29 Apr 1923 Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, New York, USA
Marriage25 Dec 1865to Richard William George Heppell at St Pancras Parish Church, London
FCatherine Heppell
Birth4 Nov 1870New York, USA
Death17 Dec 1937New York, USA
MGeorge H Heppell
BirthABT 1868New York, USA
FGeorgia Heppell
Birth10 Mar 1866New York, USA
Death29 Jun 1956New York, USA
FHarriet Ann Heppell
Birth22 Nov 1867New York, USA
Death27 Sep 1926Unknown
MHenry Bryan Heppell
Birth28 Mar 1885New York, USA
Death15 Feb 1978New York, USA (assumed)
MarriageABT 1916to Alice C Unknown at Unknown, USA
FMildred H Heppell
Birth4 Jan 1882New York, USA
DeathABT May 1967Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, New York, USA
MarriageABT 1914to Fred S Shoemaker at Unknown
FRachel M Heppell
BirthABT 1877New York, USA
MRichard H Heppell
Birth7 Sep 1869New York, USA
Death16 Jun 1948New York, USA
MWalter A Heppell
BirthABT 1874New York, USA
MWilliam Washburn Heppell
Birth4 Apr 1879New York, USA
Death9 Jun 1960New York, USA (assumed)
MarriageABT 1916to Adelaide Scott at Unknown, USA
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