Peter Culshaw

Peter Culshaw
b: Aug 1833
d: 6 Jun 1912
  • Aug 1833 - Birth - ; Leyland
  • 20 Oct 1833 - Baptism - ; Leyland, St.Andrew
  • Jun 1912 - Burial - ; Oxbow cemetery, Canada
  • 6 Jun 1912 - Death - ; Canada
  • 13 Apr 1905 - Emmigration - ; Vessel "Tuniaian" sailed from Liverpool to St John Nb, Canada. Emigrated to Canada with daughter ELLEN & her family.
John Culshaw
ABT 1760 - 1 Dec 1841
James Culshaw
ABT 1790 - BEF 16 Aug 1847
Ellen Hesketh
ABT 1761 - Nov 1846
Peter Culshaw
Aug 1833 - 6 Jun 1912
Margaret Parkinson
ABT 1793 - 4 Jan 1882
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Culshaw
BirthABT 1790Lancashire
DeathBEF 16 Aug 1847 Leyland?
Marriage6 Aug 1817to Margaret Parkinson at Leyland, St.Andrew
FatherJohn Culshaw
MotherEllen Hesketh
PARENT (F) Margaret Parkinson
BirthABT 1793Ulnes Walton
Death4 Jan 1882 Leyland?
Marriage6 Aug 1817to James Culshaw at Leyland, St.Andrew
MHenry Culshaw
BirthABT 1824Leyland?
Death3 Feb 1875Leyland?
Marriage5 Feb 1855to Ellen Waddicar at Leyland, St. Andrew
MJames Culshaw
BirthABT 1826Leyland?
DeathMar 1828Leyland?
MJames Culshaw
BirthABT 1828Leyland
DeathApr 1869Leyland?
FJane Culshaw
Birth24 Mar 1838Leyland
Death28 Feb 1912Leyland?
Marriage29 Aug 1858to Ralph Langton at Leyland, St.James
MJohn Culshaw
BirthABT 1819Leyland
Death7 Jun 1878Leyland?
Marriage8 Sep 1845to Margaret Critchley at Leyland, St. Andrew
MJoseph Culshaw
BirthABT 1831Leyland
Death23 Jan 1904Leyland?
Marriage16 Sep 1869to Ellen Waddicar at Leyland, St.James
FMargaret Culshaw
BirthABT 1835Leyland?
DeathJun 1835Leyland?
MPeter Culshaw
BirthAug 1833Leyland
Death6 Jun 1912Canada
Marriage9 Feb 1871to Margaret Wilkins at Leyland, St.James
MThomas Culshaw
BirthABT 1820Leyland
Death18 Dec 1899Lostock Hall?
Marriage20 May 1852to Elizabeth Norris at Leyland, St.Andrew
MWilliam Culshaw
BirthABT 1822Leyland
DeathJun 1836Leyland
MBenjamin Culshaw
BirthABT 1829Leyland
Death27 Dec 187583 Higher Audley Street, Blackburn
Marriage21 Nov 1853to Catherine Walton at Leyland, St. Andrew
FEllen Culshaw
BirthABT 1817Leyland?
DeathJul 1821Leyland?
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Peter Culshaw
BirthAug 1833Leyland
Death6 Jun 1912 Canada
Marriage9 Feb 1871to Margaret Wilkins at Leyland, St.James
FatherJames Culshaw
MotherMargaret Parkinson
PARENT (F) Margaret Wilkins
BirthABT 1841Longton
Death5 Apr 1882 Leyland?
Marriage9 Feb 1871to Peter Culshaw at Leyland, St.James
FEllen Culshaw
BirthABT 1873Leyland
Death1 Mar 1910Canada
Marriage18 Sep 1893to Robert Harrison at Leyland, St. James
Descendancy Chart
Peter Culshaw b: Aug 1833 d: 6 Jun 1912
Margaret Wilkins b: ABT 1841 d: 5 Apr 1882
Ellen Culshaw b: ABT 1873 d: 1 Mar 1910
Robert Harrison b: Mar 1873 d: UNKNOWN
Frank Harrison b: Aug 1897 d: UNKNOWN
James Harrison b: Apr 1896 d: UNKNOWN
Kitty Hunter Harrison b: 15 Dec 1902 d: 1999
Joseph Martel d: UNKNOWN
Blaine Martel b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Marlin Martel b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Robert Martel b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Roy Martel b: UNKNOWN d: UNKNOWN
Margaret Harrison b: Dec 1894 d: UNKNOWN
Susannah Harrison b: 10 May 1906 d: UNKNOWN
Thomas Harrison b: ABT Feb 1909 d: UNKNOWN
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