Frances Annie Herbert

Frances Annie Herbert
b: 20 Oct 1854
d: 29 Oct 1914
  • 20 Oct 1854 - Birth - ; Llanidwen, Anglesey
  • 29 Oct 1914 - Death -
William Herbert Rev. Rev.
ABT 1795 - 24 Dec 1893
James Bankes Herbert Rev M A Rev M A
1 Sep 1827 - 11 Dec 1896
Elizabeth Morice
ABT 1793 - 29 Mar 1892
Frances Annie Herbert
20 Oct 1854 - 29 Oct 1914
Elizabeth Anne Williams
22 Jan 1832 - 23 Dec 1906
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Bankes Herbert Rev M A Rev M A
Birth1 Sep 1827Glasbury, Radnorshire
Death11 Dec 1896 Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Marriage14 May 1852to Elizabeth Anne Williams at Llanbeblig, Caernarvon
FatherWilliam Herbert Rev. Rev.
MotherElizabeth Morice
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Anne Williams
Birth22 Jan 1832Beaumaris, Anglesey
Death23 Dec 1906 Lisvane, Cardiff
Marriage14 May 1852to James Bankes Herbert Rev M A Rev M A at Llanbeblig, Caernarvon
MCharles Meredydd Herbert
Birth16 Oct 1872Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death26 Jan 1940
Marriageto Gwladys Ritchies
MDavid William Herbert
Birth4 Sep 1856Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire
Death15 Sep 1938
FEleanor Parry Herbert
Birth13 Nov 1864Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death7 Apr 1949
FElizabeth Margaret Herbert
Birth30 Mar 1853Llanbeblig, Caernarvon
Death26 Jul 1936
Marriage10 Apr 1888to Watkin Davies at Cilhredyn, Pembrokeshire
FEmily Jane Herbert
Birth11 Jan 1870Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
FEthel Gwenllian Herbert
Birth17 Feb 1875Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
DeathBET 1972 AND 1973Nursing Home, Cleeve Hill, Nr Cheltenham, Glos
FFrances Annie Herbert
Birth20 Oct 1854Llanidwen, Anglesey
Death29 Oct 1914
MGeorge Price Herbert
Birth15 Sep 1871Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death17 Feb 1960
Marriageto Julia Mary Sheridan
MJames Lloyd Herbert
Birth30 Sep 1859Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death15 May 1953Warminster, Wiltshire(Reg District)
MarriageBET JUL AND SEP 1891to Kathleen Louisa Henderson at Bangor (Reg District)
MJohn Bankes Herbert
Birth11 Apr 1861Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death23 Nov 1923
Marriageto Myra Howells
FMargaret Mary Herbert
Birth1 Dec 1862Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death29 Jun 1864Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
FMary Edith Herbert
Birth3 Aug 1866Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death29 Jul 1961Cheltenham?
MThomas Richards Herbert
Birth14 Sep 1867Cilrhedyn, Pembrokeshire
Death4 Feb 1952
Marriageto Margaret Nell
MWilliam James Morice Herbert
Birth27 May 1858Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire
Death1 Feb 1924
MarriageBEF 1896to Edith Sophia Leonard at Beaminster, Dorset
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