Geoffs Genealogy Update 8 May 2007

Once again I’m a bit late in making this post. A number of events have conspired to bring this about.

Firstly there was a vital football match to go to on Saturday (5 May) – my team won, and gained promotion for the second time in three years! Brilliant. Non league football is so much more exciting that that Premiership stuff!

Then there was a very pleasant couple of days spent with my dearly beloved in Carmarthenshire. The weather finally gave out after a fantastic few weeks of summer-like conditions, but it was not too bad, and we have alovely time.

Whilst in Wales Jan and I passed through Lampeter, in Cardiganshire. As I’m sure you will understand, a treeing addict like me could not resist calling on some Bankes descendants who are buried in the churchyard at Lampeter. We spent an interesting hour checking on gravestones, and collected some promising looking monumental inscriptions, viz:

John Price (c1796-1851) of Lampeter and his wife Mary (nee Price) (c1804-1869) were in one grave, with several of their children. In another grave was one of their sons – David Price (1831-1911), his second wife Anne (nee Jones) (c1838-1921) and their daughter Mary Ann (nee Price) Evans (c1882-1966).

Further over was the grave of Hugh Bankes Price (1865-1933) and his spouse Elizabeth Mary (nee Hayden) (d 1959). Sadly, this grave was in a very bad state of repair.

The last grave we found was that of a certain Marian Bankes Davies (1869-1940) and her spouse John Davies (1868-1951). They had at one time been resident at Cruc-y-Bar. To judge from the use of the Bankes name it seems likely that Marian featured on the Bankes pedigree, but at present I can’t fit her in. If anybody reading this knows who this lady was I’d appreciate an email via my website

I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but in this fascinating hobby you never know where the next bit of information is coming from.

I’ll now revert to entering all that Guyatt data into my computer. See you next week.

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Geoffs Genealogy Update 09 April 2007

A happy Easter to all of you!

Here in the UK we are in the last few hours of the bank holiday weekend. It really has been a great weekend, with beautiful weather and these lovely light evenings.

The week has been a quiet one, as far as treeing is concerned. I’ve been busily working on the June 2007 edition of Shropshire Family History Journal, which I edit. It’s coming on well – all on schedule.

I have gained a few items of information about the Bankes descendants, but have also met with some frustration. The frustration comes from my inability to find Herbert Davies (c1795 – pre 1861) and his wife – Mary Ann, nee Clear, on the London censuses. I have traced Mary Ann in the 1861, 1871 & 1881 CEBs, and she was enumerated as a widow on all of these. However, based on information I have re the birth dates of their children, I would expect to find Herbert & Mary Ann on the 1841 census and possibly on the 1851 census as well. No such luck.

If anybody can help me re these entries I shall be very grateful.

The information I have gained was kindly sent to me by a visitor to Geoffs Genealogy and relates to the Heale family of Devon and Somerset. Elizabeth Katherine W Heale married Rev William Starkie Shuttleworth in 1869. She died in 1904, and Rev Shuttleworth then married Amy Winifred Hunt, who was a Bankes descendant.

I am always delighted to receive information relating to the people on the Bankes Pedigree, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

That’s about all for now, as my favourite soccer team are kicking off in a few minutes, in front of the Sky tv camera. Up the Addicks!

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Geoffs Genealogy Update 29 January 2007

Another busy week on the treeing front. I was delighted to receive some more information about the Collyer line – descendants of Robert Hanham Collyer. Also, I have been continuing with my self-appointed task of adding to our pedigree, using information from censuses.

I have explored the line down from John Price (d 1944) as far as I can, taking the Bathurst line down to 1901. Roll on the 1911 census!

The Welsh descendants of Joseph Rand are always interesting, and I have uncovered a few census entries re Mary Ann Davies (b Llangollen, c1824). She married William Sleigh and they had one child – Amy Banks Sleigh (b 1862).

My other peice of work this week entailed a visit to my local LDS family history centre and a look at a microfilm containing the burials at Monkwearmouth, Sunderland. There I found some valuable entries re the Heppell line. Heppell was the maiden name of my mum’s cousin, and her forebears migrated from Sunderland to London by 1841. Fascinating.

Jan has received some new information from a new contact who is a Maddox descendant, bringing one branch of that family down to the present day.

None of this material will appear on Geoffs Genealogy for some months, so if you are interested in any of this information do drop me a line.

See you next week!


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